joi, 20 noiembrie 2014

WJCON : New store opening in Bucharest Romania - swatches

Wjcon, a made in Italy cosmetics brand excelling in high quality and convenience, has opened this week a new store in Bucharest, Romania, on Selari street no.7.
I had known the brand from my earlier trip to Italy in September so I was glad to hear they would open a shop in Romania. Glad and sad at the same time, sad for my wallet which would be very empty after each visit to the shop.

They have an extremely wide range of products from make-up, nail polish and care, face and body care, accessories, perfumes, to put it short: everything a modern fashionable woman would need to look and feel her best! The shop boasts with the latest arrivals to the make-up line The Makeup Artist collection :

 The products are surprisingly good quality ones, especially for the convenient price. You can read about two of them here:
The shop is a wonderful, magical, colourful world in which you can get lost and stay forever ...
As I know that sometimes words are not enough I'll let the pictures do the talking ...

I'll show you some of the wonderful, colourful, pigmented eye shadows. Aren't they gorgeous ?

At the end some eyeliner, lipliner and lipstick swatches :

A wide range of good quality products at decent prices and all in one store! What else can you wish for ? If you are in the area go and visit the store, you won't be dissapointed! WJCON is one brand that will be in my Christmas wishlist from Santa ...


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