miercuri, 4 martie 2015

5 months anniversary!

   Yes, today my beauty blog turns 5 months! I can't believe it! Time went by so fast! I considered for a long time the decision of opening my blog, I tought I wouldn't have enough time for it, that I didn't know how to write or photo professionally and many more. After several months of going to and fro in the evening of 4th October 2014 I took a deep breath and hit the publish button. And this is how Monica's beauty in five minutes was born!
   And I don't regret it a bit!! I looove to write about beauty, care and make-up and more. Yes I have less free time than before and I am learning all the time, striving to make my little beauty blog the best it can be and look. It's a continuous process, a laborious one but also full of love, dedication and passion for all things beauty.
   So thank you my gorgeous readers for reading my blog! I want to hear more about your preferences, ideas, suggestions and opinions. So don't be shy! Comment in Romanian (if you're not familiar with English) and English (no matter how bad you think you write, it's a good way of learning more). I am going to pamper you with many givewaways to thank you for supporting me!
   Lovely ladies have a wonderful week, a gorgeous Spring and remember to be happy every day!


  1. felicitari!!!! La mai multe luni care sa devina ani!!!!

  2. Felicitari! Multi fani ... si in continuare inspiratie la fel de frumoasa pentru articole :)

  3. Multumesc frumos! Voi cititoarele mele dragi sunteti inspiratia mea. La voi ma gandesc cand scriu :)


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