marți, 31 martie 2015

Melkior Blossom Collection Spring 2015

I have recently discovered  the Melkior brand melkior-magical-universe-of-colour and I was extremely surprised to see how pigmented and gorgeous their products were, especially the eyeshadows.

After trying them on in the store I was sold! I bought a few and I added some more to my collection at Cosmobeauty this year cosmobeauty-2015-haul . I promise you I'll be back with a thorough review with moving swatches and all when I find a bright, sunny day to show them in all their glory!

Now I am glad to present you their latest Spring 2015 collection entitled Blossom Collection, available in stores from 1st of April 2015.
The collection contains  6 new eyeshadows (single and refills): Coral fusion - matte, Ethereal - matte, Vintage Rose - matte, Air blue, Iris and Diaphane.

The collection also contains four new classic lipstick shades in Breeze, Suave, Soft Touch and Ozone.
There are also new nail polishes in Serenity - shiny, Nude Rose - shiny, Inspiration - shiny, Jasper - shiny, Pearl Blush - pearl, Warm Nude - pearl, Sea Fog - pearl. 
Personally I love all the new eyeshadows and nail polishes. The lipsticks are a little soft for me. Also there is a very interesting promotion running, you can see it below:
If you like this new collection go and check it out in the Melkior stores and online here . Until next time,


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