sâmbătă, 14 martie 2015

Cosmobeauty 2015 haul or going overbudget

Yesterday I posted the highlights of Cosmobeauty 2015  and I promised you I would show you what goodies I bought. The plan was simple : I needed a good face powder and I wanted to try one from Paese, the rest was optional, I thought I'd have a look at Inglot and Mekior. Bad mistake! Of course I went overbudget!
Let me show you what I came home with :

The Paese bamboo powder (I heard it is great for oily skin so I'm looking forward to trying it, of course I'll share with you my thoughts on it).
The Inglot 40 eyeshadow freedom system palette (couldn't pass it on -  it was only 50 ron ; hurry up there is a limited number of palettes available). I also bought 2 pigments (they were only 30 ron/piece). The Inglot pigments are incredibly pigmented, you only need a very small amount so they will last you for a very long time. Thank you Inglot for the homework you gave me for testing!
I also bought some matte eyeshadow refills from Melkior. I have known them for a short period of time since my first visit to the shop, but I already love them! Very pigmented and affordable (17 ron/refill full price, at Cosmobeauty all Mekior products were 10% off including the refills). I couldn't let the oportunity go by ... If you buy 4 refills you get for free the magmentic palette for them, the same applies to buying 6 refills and so on.
I also bought from Cosmetica Verde a Russian face mask to cleanse my oily skin. I bought last year the green one to tonify my skin and I loved it so I wanted to try a new one this year. I also bought one for my best friend with oily skin too, as I did the previous year.
And that's it! I think I'll skip buying make-up for a while ... Anyway if you haven't visited Cosmobeauty 2015, you can check it out today and tomorrow! Until next time ,


  1. A couple of those Melkior eyeshadows would look great as blushes as well!

  2. Yes, they are. I will definitely try them on as blushes too. I'll make a large post about them with swatches and all, as they deserve.


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