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Artdeco Spring/Summer 2015 Beauty Meets Fashion collection

The newest make-up collection from Artdeco Spring/Summer 2015 is a fun and colourful collaboration with the fashion designer Emilio de la Morena entitled Beauty Meets Fashion.

  The collection contains the following :
Blush Couture "Emilio de la Morena" - Three-color blusher with subtle shimmer - 91 ron
Conjure up spring on your cheeks! The Blush Couture imbues your face with a wonderful freshness with its three soft peach and rosé shades. A touch of pearl gives your cheeks a subtle shimmer. The optimal color tone can be achieved by mixing the colors together. However, you can also use the colors individually and so coordinate your look.

The blusher excites with a light, elegant texture and optimum durability. It can be applied softly and tenderly. Thanks to the mineral sericite the blusher feels especially pleasant on the skin. At the same time the blusher nourishes the skin with vitamin C and E. The blusher is free of parabens, lanolin, mineral oils and perfumes.
Application : Mix the colors together using a blusher brush. Then apply the colors to suit the shape of your face by following the contours of your cheek. You can also use the colors individually and customize your look.
Eyeshadows  - 22 ron and a Beauty Box "Emilio de la Morena"- 50 ron
Star designer Emilio de la Morena created the exquisitely beautiful Beauty Box "Square" exclusively for ARTDECO. Fresh, trendy colors and clean lines make the Beauty Box the highlight when it comes to accessories for spring and summer 2015. The square box holds up to 6 eyeshadows and 1 blusher or camouflage. The magnetic box is refillable. The handy mirror on the inside makes the box perfect for traveling.
The eyeshadows created for this collection are : a pearly milky mint (no. 60), a pearly summer lilac (no. 81), a pearly soft pink (no. 95A) and a pearly snowdrop for illumination (nr. 109).
The Artdeco eyeshadows come in many colours and finishes as seen below:
Eyeshadow Duochrome
Powder eyeshadows in iridescent duocrome colors: The ARTDECO duochrome eyeshadows change color depending on the angle of the light and adhere perfectly to the eyelid. The shades have a high color brilliance and are soft and tender to apply.

Glamour Eyeshadow

Powder eyeshadow with glitter particles: Extremely fine glitter particles reflect the light and conjure an incomparable display of colors with shimmering effects on the eyelid. A special eye-catcher for every occasion. The eyeshadows in high color brilliance are supple and soft in application.

Eyeshadow Matt

Powder eyeshadows in matt, natural colors: Thanks to their new, particularly smooth and silky quality, the matt colors adhere perfectly to the eyelid and can be applied especially even. The brown shades are ideally suited for the accentuation of the eyebrows.

Eyeshadow Pearl

Powder eyeshadows in shimmery pearl shades: The ARTDECO pearl eyeshadows are characterized by an amazing color brilliance and a wide choice of shades. The fragrance-free eyeshadows are very long-lasting.
Soft Eye Liner waterproof - 32 ron
The newly developed texture of the Soft Eye Liner is exceptionally long-lasting. After drying, the liner becomes smudge- and waterproof. The pleasantly soft and creamy texture provides a very easy and precise application. The liner can easily be blended out shortly after application and is characterized by its color brilliance and high opacity. Contains natural antioxidants and vitamin E. Fragrance-free. In the collection has been added the shade no. 61 Graphic green.
Volume Supreme Mascara  in 01 Black - XXL volume and maximum eyelash length through innovative volume kaleidoscopic brush. The mascara is smudge-resistant and ultra long-lasting. The mascara lasts up to 10 hours without smudging. At the same time, the mascara nourishes the lashes with a balanced combination of precious waxes. The mascara is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. The skin compatibility has been dermatologically approved. Clinically tested. 
For lips the collection contains three products:
Soft Lip Liner waterproof - 32 ron 
The specifically developed formula of the Soft Lip Liner makes it extremely long-lasting. After drying, it is wiping-resistant and waterproof. So it prevents the lipstick from bleeding. The pleasantly creamy texture assures a simple and precise application. The Soft Lip Liner can be shaded out directly after application and is characterized by an especially good color coverage and high opacity. Contains natural antioxidants and vitamin E. Fragrance-free. The shade of this collection is no. 81 Soft pink.
Art Couture Lipstick - 60 ron - Extra-smooth, soft lip texture with sensual shine 
A lipstick matching your gorgeous gown – whether classic red or subtle nude – the Art Couture Lipstick classic embodies everything desirable in a lipstick: sheer, creamy texture with sensual shine. A sublime generation of lipstick, uniting enticing, rich color with feminine elegance and delicateness.

The gel-like texture glides on the lip effortlessly, providing an incomparable creamy sensation and embeds the lips in a soft, velvety cushion of color. Hop extract nourishes the lips and keeps them supple. The result: perfectly colored and moisturized lips. The lips appear smooth and soft. An elegant aroma with a sweet note completes a luxurious lip make up sensation. There are two new shades in this collection : no. 268 Cream soft a vivacious pink and no. 290 Cream pink water lilly a delicate pink peach.
Cream soft
Cream pink water lilly
Lip Brilliance - 44 ron - Long-lasting lip gloss 
The Lip Brilliance Lip Gloss gently, lightly and smoothly covers the lips in long lasting brilliant shine. An active ingredient complex made of encapsulated collagen and hyaluronic acid supports the firmness and tightness of the lips skin and boosts the collagen synthesis. SPF 6 counteracts light induces skin aging. The lips appear more voluminous and shine seductively. The collection brought two new shades : no. 03 Brilliant strawberry red and no. 62 Brilliant soft pink.
Brilliant strawberry red
Brilliant soft pink
And the last products of this collection are for nails:
Art Couture Nail Lacquer - 39 ron
The Art Couture Nail Lacquer, a high-tech nail varnish in the modern bottle designed exclusively for ARTDECO and a specially developed perfect coat brush. One or two applications of the Art Couture Nail Lacquer is sufficient to achieve a perfect opacity. Thanks to the highly effective gel-based film formers the nail varnish dries quickly. The patented 100% herbal BIO plasticiser retains the elastic properties of the texture even after drying and significantly increases the durability of the coating. At the same time, the nail varnish nurtures with its caring active ingredients such as vitamins A, C and E, panthenol and a hydrating seaweed extract.

Also new is the ergonomic sealing cap. It is safe and non-slip in the hand and allows colour to be applied. A rapid, extremely precise application is guaranteed thanks to the specially developed, high-quality brush. The unique, patented sealing system prevents the nail varnish from drying out and ensures a long-lasting smooth texture. The nail varnish contains no toluene, formaldehyde, DBP or camphor.

The new shadows in this collection are : pastels -  no. 605 Couture snowdrop, no. 623 Couture rose bloom, no. 629 Couture begonia bloom and no. 830 Couture milky mint. The more intense ones are : no. 720 Couture pink water lilly and no. 860 Couture summer lilac.
photo credits beauty by jules/artdeco.com
The Artdeco products are available in all Douglas stores. I especially love the blush, the eye shadow palette, the lipsticks and the nail polishes. Tell me Which is your favourite from the Beauty Meets Fashion collection? Until next time ,


  1. Love bright pinks and corals for spring! Can't wait for it to warm up!

  2. Yes, I love them too, they are gorgeous to wear in Spring and Summer!


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