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Focus on ... Christine Valmy

Esthetic icon and founder Christine Valmy, founder of Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics & Cosmetology the first skin care school licensed in the United States, passed away on 18th January 2015, at the Cardiology Institute in Fundeni, Bucharest, Romania at the age of 88 (
My history with Christine Valmy started in 1997 when I was in the 11th grade in highschool and a relative of mine told me that she was doing a course of estetician at her beauty school. I also enrolled and finished the course, thinking it would do me good to find out more on how to take care of my skin and how to help others become more beautiful.

At the course I found out for the first time how to choose the right face cream for my skin needs, to correctly read the ingredients in a face cream, about the harmful effects of the sun if you don't  put on sunscrean and many more. Her life story inspired me and her success showed me that I can succeed if I work hard and follow my dreams.
Christine Valmy was born in Bucharest, Romania where she earned a law degree from the University of Bucharest and a cosmetology degree from the Medical School in Bucharest. After she left Romania she immigrated to the United States in 1961 arriving as so many other immigrants, penniless and unable to speak the language. She had with her a young daughter and her parents for whom she was the sole support.
As soon as she arrived in this country she realized that the main purpose of cosmetics here was to cover up skin imperfections, an antiquated approach when compared with the standards of Europe. Valmy devised her own now famous techniques, the "Valmy" method, with a philosophy "to reveal not to conceal" the natural beauty of a health, well-functioning skin. Her method achieves the goal of slowing down the biological aging process by scientifically restoring the skin's natural functions from the inside to the outside.
As "preacher in the desert", Valmy realized from the beginning she would not be successful in her philosophy unless she convinced the legions of women and men dedicated to beauty to cooperate in pioneering and spreading her ideas. That was to eliminate the then accepted antiquated care of the skin by covering it with heavy coats of foundation and makeup and reach toward the highest level in the world, as we know it today, by utilizing the most progressive scientific methods available. 

Her first step was to create an American association of skin care specialists (estheticians). An association that gained the respect of the international body of skin care CIDESCO, the International Committee of Esthetics and Cosmetology with headquarters in Zurich Switzerland. Today the United States is a strong member of this international organization with a group of over ten thousand (10,000) estheticians throughout the States. 

Christine Valmy is currently the representative of the Esthetics America in CIDESCO. The fast growth of esthetics in the United States is due to Christine Valmy's foresight that the profession will grow only if well trained skin care specialists will offer these unique services to the public.
In order to accomplish this Christine Valmy opened in June 1966 in New York the first skin care school licensed in the United States. In the future when history of skin care is written, it will be noted that after a slow start, Valmy's New York School has graduated over ninety percent of the practicing skin care specialists (estheticians) in the country.
In recognition to her contributions in the education field, the President, Ronald Reagan has appointed Christine Valmy as a member of the National Council of Vocational Education, a council created by a mandate of the Congress, the Carl-Perkins Act, to advise the President and the Congress of the needs and the role of vocational education in this country . By creating new job possibilities with new skills Christine Valmy has contributed to the growth of the national economy as it can be seen from a letter sent to her on behalf of the President Lyndon Johnson. 

Christine Valmy is currently listed in Who is Who in the East. Christine Valmy was awarded, in April 1968, the highest honor of the French Congress of Esthetics held in Versailles, for special merit in promoting the esthetics profession in the United States. She also was given an award as the outstanding Republican Ethnic Woman of the year in 1981. The 1976, President Gerald Ford nominated Christine Balmy as the Business Person of the Year for the State of New Jersey, where her plant and laboratories are located. 

In 1972, Christine Valmy received the highest CIDESCO International award, the "Medaille de Merit" for her outstanding contributions to the international world of esthetics.
Christine Valmy is the author of three books, the "Christine Valmy Method of Scientific Facials" published in 1986 by Denlin, "Esthetics" published by Keystone in 1982, and the "Christine Valmy Skin Care and Makeup Book" published by Crown in 1981.
Christine Valmy salons are found in most major cities in the United Sates, such as Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Houston, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Boston, Hartford, Stamford, etc. Specialized skin care and makeup schools are in New York, New Jersey, California, Louisiana, Illinois, Texas, Florida and abroad. She has already opened one school and three luxurious skin care salons in Tokyo and a flagship in Toronto, Canada.
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