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Wycon Dusty Cushion Eyeshadows (01 Champagne Perlato and 02 Rosa Perlato) - review

I bought these creamy eyeshadows a while ago and presented them in a New In post, when the limited collection Wild Escape was lanched. I was and still am fascinated by the rose gold packaging and the gorgeous colours. I bought two neutral colours to wear in my day-to-day make-up. The shades are : 01 Champagne Perlato and 02 Rosa Perlato. Now that I have tested them further it's time to share my impressions with you.
Wycon Dusty Cushion Eyeshadows : creamy, long-lasting texture in metallic shades. (49.90ron/8.90 euros)

Powder eyeshadows in a creamy texture. A mix of mineral pigments create a comfortable texture, that remains even on the eyelids for a long time. Easy to use and blend. A variety of metallic shades in warm, earthy colours. No parabens.
Let's see the eyeshadows :
Wycon Dusty Cushion 01 Champagne Perlato
Wycon Dusty Cushion 02 Rosa Perlato
The texture of the eyeshadows is buttery soft and creamy. I prefer to use my fingers to apply them onto the lids. They apply with ease and they set into a powder form. They are pretty long-lasting on my oily lids (around 4-5 hours) then they start creasing. Onto less oilier lids I am sure they last up to 8 hours.

They have a valability of 18 months. You only need a very small amount for each eye so each eyeshadow will last you a long time. They can be found in the Wycon store on Selari Street at the price of 49.90 ron (they are part of a limited collection so hurry up if you want to check them out!).

All in all, Wycon Dusty Cushion Eyeshadows are good quality eyeshadows. They have a creamy metallic texture for a long-lasting effect. On me they last around 4 to 5 hours, therefore I give them the B grade. Until next time ,


  1. Very nice colours. I am not very much into the creamy textures as they mostly apply by use of fingers

    1. Yes, this type of textures apply best with fingers; they last onto the lids if worked first with the fingers on the hand. They are easy to apply if you are in a hurry.


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