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My newest addiction : MUSTAEV TEN SHADE LIP CREAM PRO PALETTE ( review )

I have recently discovered this lipstick palette and almost immediately it became one of my go-to products. As you have seen before on my blog or social media I like to wear bold colours on my lips. They make me feel good, they cheer me up when I am sad, they make me feel confident and happy. I have tested it so now it's time to introduce you to MUSTAEV TEN SHADE LIP CREAM PRO PALETTE.
MUSTAEV TEN SHADE LIP CREAM PRO PALETTE - Professional colours created for Professional Artists! 10 various shades perfect for using individually or mixing together to customize your own shade. Sheer, glossy texture conditions the lips and lasts long after applied to the lips.
As with the eyeshadows, the packaging is cleverly made to ease the use. The palette comes in an elegant black, sturdy case, which opens and shuts easily but at the same time it firmly holds well shut the palette so it is very travel-friendly and it won't open in the bag and spill all over your things.
As you will see from the video I made the palette is around the size of the hand and it has 1.5 gr x 10 pans and a valability of 24 months. It has two versions : one with a large mirror and the other with an acrylic pan (very useful for customizing the colours of the lipsticks to your preference).
I think that this palette is a must! It has a vide range of colours from warm colours to cold ones, from nudes, to peaches, to pinks, to reds and darker colours. It suits very skin colour and complexion, every eye and hair colour. It has a white shade, very useful for creating ligher or darker shades. You can mix and match each shade to your own preference. The palette doesn’t come with a lip brush included (45 dollars) but you can purchase it together with the MustaeV Lip Pro Palette brush for 50 dollars.
Let's see the shades more closely (on the site they are differently numbered from all shades on top to the ones on bottom), I will be talking about them using my own numbering drawn onto the picture below).
1 - Orange (on the MustaeV site) - I see it as a peachy nude, a neutral colour for a day-to-day look.
2 - Pink (on the MustaeV site) - I see it as a cool toned pink, perfect for a fresh, youthful look.
3 - Red (on the MustaeV site) - I see it as a bold, warm red, perfect for a night out; you will definitely be the centre of attention!
4 - Neutral Brown (on the MustaeV site) - I see it as a light brown nude; the perfect companion for a darker smokey eye look.
5 - Coral (on the MustaeV site) - I see it as a darker berry pink, at least on my lips. Lovely to wear with a nude look.
6 - Deep Red (on the MustaeV site) - I see it as a gorgeous perfect pin-up red!
7 - Deep Red Brown (on the MustaeV site) - I see it as a darker, vampy red. Perfect for a night out!
8 - Chocolate Brown (on the MustaeV site) - I see it as a dark red brown. Not really my cup of tea.
9 - White (on the MustaeV site) - a strong, vivid white; you can lighten the shades as you prefer.
10 - Bright Orange (on the MustaeV site) - I see it as a beautiful, hot orange. Great to wear every day for a pop of colour in the lips!
The shades are very pigmented (especially the stronger colours) and creamy, hydrating on the lips. They are very easy to work with and blend, they do not dry the lips. They leave a stain, as you will see in the video I made removing the swatches.
And after you wipe them off with a wet wipe a stain still remains on the hand.
Check out the video I made :
You can find it here .
All in all, MUSTAEV TEN SHADE LIP CREAM PRO PALETTE is a MUST for every lipstick or make-up lover! It is a very useful tool for make-up artists and everyone who loves to wear different shades and touch up on the go!

There are nine shades plus a white one to customize the colours to your preference. The colours are very pigmented and easy to use. They do not dry the lips and feel creamy and comfortable. The range of colours is great from nude, to red, to dark shades to suit every skin colour and complexion.

Yes, it is amost 50 dollars but you need a small amount for each use since they are pigmented and with the possible colour combinations you can do, you will forget all your other lipsticks! It is a good investment so check it out! Until next time ,


  1. That neutral brown is lovely ��

    1. Yes, there are colours for any make-up look: from a minimal one to a bold one. I like them all except for the dark brown one. I don't like brown-based colours on my lips.

  2. Definitely in love with the orange, no 10. So niceeee. Kisses


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