joi, 3 septembrie 2015

Let's love life with Melkior

Nowadays we have many innovations in all domains especially in tehnology and science but they all come at a heavy price : the increasing pollution, the dissapearance of the ozone layer, the rise of the water level, the global warming effects and many more. We should love and protect our planet and cherish all the things that it has given us.

I am very glad to see more and more brands that work to spread awareness about the Earth's protection. If each and every one of us is more aware of these problems and try to solve them as best as we can, Earth will be a better place to live!
Melkior has just lanched a new collection entitled "Let's love life!" to remind everyone that our planet is very important and we should cherish and protect it!
The collection takes its inspiration from the ongoing "fight" between the hot volcanoes and the cold glaciers. Both bring powerful changes to the surrounding enwironment that create new life and bring hope.
The Let's love life! collection consists of :
2 shades of lipstick : Irresistible and Deep Love (39.90 ron)
3 shades of eyeshadow : Volcano, Wish and Deep Sea (27 ron)
3 nail polishes in Lava, Ice and Hope (29 ron)
You can find the Let's love life! collection in all Melkior shops and online.
There is an interesting promotion in September, check it out : 


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