duminică, 20 septembrie 2015

NIVEA Lip Care & Colour - the best way to start the cold season

With the beginning of the cold season close by, we should start to add more hydrating products into our face and body care routine. Still, for many of us, the lips are often neglected, either with no make-up or lip balms at all, or with lipsticks or glosses that simply cannot provide the right hydration and care in the winter time. What to do? A multifunctional product like a coloured lip balm is the solution. I present to you the new NIVEA Lip Care & Colour - intense and long-lasting hydration.
NIVEA Lip Care & Colour -  coloured lip balms that provide long-lasting hydration and care to the lips. They have 2 layers for a lip care sensation: the formula with an inner Care Core with Provitamin B5 and an outer Colour Coat intensively cares and leaves a wonderful subtle red colouring on your lips. Skin compatibility, dermatologically approved.
There are three colour combinations to suit each complexion and preference : Red, Rosé and Nude (4.8 gr).
You can find them in stores at the price of aprox. 11.83 ron/ 3 pounds. All three look very good, but my favourites so far are the red and rose one. You know I love bolder colours. Anyway Which is your favourite ? Until next time ,


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