vineri, 11 septembrie 2015

What I did these days - tidbits

If you read me daily I think you have noticed by now that I prefer to post in the first part of the day rather than in the last. This happens mainly when I have enough time or I don't have to be away from home for the most part of the day. When I am away for long, I post in the evening. And yes, I think you have noticed by now that for a few days I posted quite late in the evening. This is what I did these days :
Firstly, I enjoyed the last days of the summer holiday, walking in the park and enjoying the sunshine with my friends.
I participated at the event: Trăiește frumos: back to office dar cu gândul la vacanta, hosted by the lovely Dana Savuica. The pleasant evening has taken place at Perfect Travel's Travel Boutique, the perfect place to daydream and plan your next holiday.
Among the topics of the event were tips and tricks for an efficient packing, the best and most suitable clothes and accessories for your travel destination, the make-up and care most suitable for an extended stay and many more. There were many interesting brands on show, old and new for me and the wishlist got bigger. Time flew by and as the night got closer, a raffle was held and a few lucky ladies (me included, won the prices offered by the sponsors - Perfect Tour, Samsonite, L'Oreal, Marionnaud, Christina Diamonds, I won a lovely pair of sunglasses by Vogue).
playing with a hat from HatsonRo
Today I participated with great excitement at the first workshop by #ScoalaFlanco powered by Kooperativa 2.0.The first workshop was a photographic one #fotografiepesteasteptari hosted by the talented Dragos Asaftei. I was really excited to find out more about the fascinating universe of photography and you my lovely readers will soon hopefully be able to enjoy the fruit of my photo labour. (photo credit by cristianchinabirta)
The first part of the workshop was dedicated to the theoretic concepts like exposure, diaphragm, white light and many more. I have to admit that I take photos in the spur of the moment and based on my inspiration, not at all based on the theoretical knowledge. I knew nothing about the tehnical terms, I found out more today, I understood and I left the workshop yearning for more. Good work teacher Dragos! In the second part we, the students, were challenged to take photos in the Flanco Promenada store for 90 seconds. Later they would be judged and commented upon by our teacher Dragos.
a selfie with Dragos under the fire
At the end there were two prizes to give away, and to my utter shock and happiness I won the most important one : a photo camera! I badly needed a better one for my blog posts and hopefully my future Youtube videos. I am sooo happy (I think you'll notice that from the large grin on my face). Thank you again Flanco Romania and Dragos Asaftei.
 And this is my new photo camera : 
In conclusion I had fun-filled days mixing learning or finding out new information with playing and enjoying the ride! Tell me Would you like to have this type of post on the blog ? Until next time ,


  1. Congrats Monica for spending time with ur friends and for ur prize. Looking forward to ur next post. Kisses

  2. Foarte tare ideea cu workshop-ul de fotografie, îmi pare rău că nu știam de el, am aflat prea târziu. :D
    Felicitări pentru noua cameră, s-o stăpânești sănătoasă și să faci multe poze frumoase cu ea!

    1. Si eu am aflat de el din intamplare in timp ce eram pe net, mai sunt cateva workshopuri interesante, cauta scoala Flanco. Sunt in fiecare vineri. M-am mai inscris la cateva, sper sa pot ajunge, ca de saptamana viitoare incep scoala. Multumesc frumos pentru urari, a picat aparatul la fix, aveam mare nevoie de el. Pupici!


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