marți, 8 septembrie 2015

Blue Mood today (Golden Rose Holiday no.61, OPI Kiss Me At Midnight)

Today I'm feeling blue. Maybe because the summer has gone, maybe because cold winter will come, maybe because I need a little blue in my life. So today is blue.
I wear blue today on my nails : Golden Rose Holiday no.61 and OPI Kiss Me At Midnight (onto the ring finger).

Golden Rose Holiday nail colour - a new developed "textured" formula imitating matte sugary and magic sparkle finish.  It consists of 40 different effect colors. Don't use a base coat or top coat. Apply 2 thin coats; allow the first coat to dry a few minutes before applying the second coat. It has a long lasting and perfect matte sugary and sparkly finish!

My shade is no. 61. (13.50 ron) and it is a strong, beautiful blue with a textured finish in two layers. It is easy to wear and long-lasting on my nails.
OPI Kiss Me At Midnight - a blue and silver liquid sand. It is a very pleasant shade of blue with silver glitter on top. It was a part of the OPI Mariah Carey Christmas collection 2013. It is a Liquid Sand texture, a little thicker but quite long-lasting on my nails.

You can find OPI nail polishes in TopLine, Sephora, Douglas, Kendra and other shops. 
What is your mood for today ? Do you like textured nail polishes ? Until next time ,


  1. Dont be/feel blue. I do not like this colour very much, but it goes with u pretty well. Kisses

    1. I'm not feeling well today but life goes on. I like both of them. They last very well on my nails. Kisses!


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