joi, 29 ianuarie 2015

Fight the grey weather with some poppy... Smoky Poppy from The Body Shop

This weather is very unappealing to me: humid, grey, cold, rainy, windy ... I like sun, light, warmth, cheer, to be in a good mood. So I try to bring some colour and warmth into my life. The Body Shop comes to my resque with a new limited edition : Smoky Poppy !
The new limited edition Smoky Poppy Body Care is enriched with real, hand-picked poppy flowers from the Ankara region of Turkey. This sensual and indulgent range is infused with a seductive, euphoric scent that will leave you longing for more.

The range  consists of :
Smoky poppy shower gel - rich, black and seductive. Infused with hand harvested poppy extract from Turkey, the euphoric scent will make shower-time a whole new experience. 250 ml - 33ron/8 dollars
Smoky poppy body butter - Infused with the extract of oil-rich poppies, it delivers a touch of blissful moisture to leave skin feeling desirably soft. Best suited for normal to dry skin. 63ron/20 dollars
Smoky poppy body scrub - Smoky Poppy Poppy Seed Scrub is filled with real poppy seeds for a blissful exfoliation leaving skin primed for passion. 69 ron/20 dollars
 Smoky Poppy Bath Bombs - Made with real poppy seeds, this unique bath-time treat leaves your skin instantly gratified. Smoky Poppy Bath Bombs fizz to release a seductive aroma. 88ron/20 dollars
Smoky Poppy Massage Oil - Smoky Poppy Massage Oil is key in the art of seduction. Infused with the extract of hand-picked poppy petals, the alluring scent will captivate and entice every body it touches. Suitable for all skin type. Ideal for couples. 75ron/20 dollars
Smoky Poppy Eau de Toilette - contains a captivating blend of sultry spices, elegant florals and earthy woody notes. You’re only a spritz away from seduction. Light and wearable. Suitable for everyday use. 63ron/14 dollars
There are also gift cubes for this collection ranging from 63 ron to 307 ron.
Look at the fabulous packaging! I adore it! It's a spash of colour which instantly gets you in a good mood. It is also very suitable for Valentine's Day as it is full of sultry spices, elegant florals and earthy woody notes. It is captivating and seductive! 

This limited edition Smoky Poppy Body Care collection can be found in all The Body Shop shops and online here. It is an intriguing, seductive and captivating collection so go and check it out!
If you want to find out more about The Body Shop you can read about it here: the-body-shop-moringa-shower-gel-review .   Until next time,


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