vineri, 16 ianuarie 2015

Wjcon I-color Lip stylo Shiny Kiss lipstick - review

Lately I felt a little tired and lacking the energy to enjoy the things in my life. So I tried to counteract this dull feeling with stronger colours in clothing and make-up, especially in lipsticks. One of the lipsticks I adore is the one I have purchased at the opening of the Wjcon shop in Selari Street.It is Wjcon I-color Lip stylo Shiny Kiss lipstick in 05.
It comes in a shiny metalic recipient of 3 gr. and has a valability of 36 months.
It is a stylo shaped lipstick with the glossy finish for a brilliant and sophisticated result. It ensures smooth application and full coverage, giving extreme comfort and irresistible appeal. It is paraben free and has no animal derivatives. 
I simply adore the colour of this lipstick, it always cheers me up no matter how bad the day was or how tired I am! It has a creamy, shiny texture which glides easily onto the lips and covers them evenly. It is well pigmented and it has no scent or taste, another plus for me!
It is decently lasting onto my lips (4-5 hours) and it even leaves a small stain onto the lips on removal.
You can find it in all Wjcon stores at the price of aprox. 30ron./7 euros (full price). I recommend you to visit the store, they always have very good promotions and great quality products at a convenient price. If you read this blog you already know how much I love the Wjcon products. If you want to find out more about some of them you can find them here:
All in all, Wjcon I-color Lip stylo Shiny Kiss lipstick is anoter great quality product at a very affordable price. I simply adore to wear it for its shiny finish, nourishing creamy texture and lasting effect. I give it the A grade and I recommend it to you for soft, sexy, kissable lips!


  1. This shade looks so nice! I haven't tried Wjcon products yet, but I am curious about them.

    1. They are very good quality products at a very affordable price. And in the shop it's impossible to leave empty handed ! There are so many wonderful temptations to try and buy! I have several reviews and photos from the opening of their shop, check them out! I'm sure you'll find something interesting to pay them a visit ..

  2. my energy is also down... i hope to bring it back to normal :)
    have a lovely weekend!

  3. Try wearing a stronger lipstick or a perfume I'm sure you'll feel better! It works for me! A lovely weelend to you too!


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