joi, 1 ianuarie 2015

My New Year Resolutions

Another year has gone by, more likely has flown away so fast ... As per usual I ticked some of the things I wanted done from my to do list and some others remained to be solved in this new year.
One of the things I am really proud of, is this blog ; I have thought about creating this blog for several months and I'm really happy that I did it! I have no regrets about the things I did or didn't do, I can only look ahead towards the future.
And I want to do some things in 2015 starting with the most important one : to be really happy, to do what I really love and I am passioned about, to forget about stress, deadlines, paperwork and to leave behind the people unworthy of my time, attention and affection. I want a full cleansing of things, emotions and even people that are wrong for me!
I decided to only see the positive side of things, to shut out all the negativity in my life. To live my life as I want it by my own rules, to enjoy it fully with the people I love and who deserve my affections. I refuse to waste my time as I did before!
I only have one life to live so I will live it as I want! It is an ongoing battle to find the balance between the things I "must" do and the things I really want to do. But I really want to win it and prioritize my life as I need for me, myself and I ! I am the first one in my life, not my job, not the others, not other things! I admit it is easier said than done, but I try every day! I love myself and I deserve to put myself first!
I still have many things to do this year : both in my personal life and out if it. I will try to solve them but not in a stressfull way, but in my own sweet time, naturally, without any pressures. I will not stress over things anymore! "Que sera, sera" tells a Spanish song that I find true : "Whatever will be, will be!" So don't worry and be happy!


  1. Good luck! bafta! ma bucur asa mult ca ai inceput sa scrii :).

  2. Bello! E' facile dire e difficile fare! Ma, e' bene averlo scritto. Prima c'e' la parola e poi si fa. Speriamo bene e grazie! Buon anno, cara mia! ❤

  3. Multumesc mult! Iti multumesc mult caci tu esti cea care m-a inspirat sa imi deschid blogul si tot tu mi-ai dat impulsul final. Ma bucur tare mult ca am reusit, blogul deja a devenit o parte foarte importanta din viata mea si o mare pasiune! Iubesc ceea ce scriu si invat ceva nou in fiecare zi! Blogging is an adventure which I love!

  4. Grazie per le buone parole cara mia. Un grande baccio per te! I hope I got the Italian right :)

  5. Frumoase ganduri si frumos va fi anul cu ele puse in practica.
    Mult succes. Sa fie bine si frumos in 2015.

  6. Asa sa fie pentru mine si pentru voi! Sa avem un an nou cat mai bun si mai frumos!

    1. It is really inspiring and motivating. U really r a great motivator, a positive mind and a cheerful heart. I'll do my best to stick to ur list and as somebody else said in Italian, hepefully it wont be so difficult put it in practice. Wishing u al the best
      Good job with ur blog.

  7. Thank you for all your kind words and I really hope 2015 will bring only wonderful things for you!


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