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Bath pampering in the winter : Yves Rocher Velvety Shower Creams

You know I love my bath-time, I love switching my shower gels according to the season and mood. One of my favourite brands is Yves Rocher. In the winter time I love extra pampering for my skin, extra moisturization, a thicker formula, a stronger scent. I just need more! I like to stay longer in the bath and have a little me time! Two of my usual shower creams in winter are: Yves Rocher Coffee beans from Brasil and Macadamia nuts from Guatemala.
They come in a plastic recipient in a 200 ml format and they have the valability of 12 months. The cap is well secured, I travelled with Yves Rocher shower gels before and they didn't spill in my luggage.
They are : paraben free,
- More than 97% natural ingredients,
- pH neutral for skin,
- Easily biodegradable formula,
- Recyclable bottle.
The texture of both shower creams is thick, as the name suggests, they moisturize well and perfume the skin and the bath! I love it! The scent lingers for a few hours (the Coffee beans from Brasil shower cream perfumes the skin in a yummy coffee scent and the Macadamia nuts from Guatemala showel cream leaves the skin sweetened in a vanilla and nuts perfume). They clean well the skin, leaving it perfumed and nourished. I don't feel the need to add body cream afterwards (I have a normal skin, not very dry).
You can see the ingredients here:
Coffee beans from Brasil
Macadamia nuts from Guatemala
Both can be found in all Yves Rocher shops and online here , at the price of 10 ron/4 dollars.
All in all, both Yves Rocher Coffee beans from Brasil and Macadamia nuts from Guatemala are very good quality products for the price (they clean well, nourish and perfume the skin) and I fully recommend them to you. They receive the grade A!
If you want to find out more about the brand or other Yves Rocher products I reviewed you can read here : yves-rocher-jardins-du-monde-orange , out-with-old-yves-rocher-volume-vertige , my-current-winter-skin-and-body-care, yves-rocher-quelques-notes-damour-love . Tell me What are your favourite shower creams or gels in the winter time?    Until next time ,


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