duminică, 25 ianuarie 2015

Beauty wishlist for 2015

The wishlist for a beauty addict like me is neverending. I continuously wish for things, either face or body care or make-up, or tools, or the latest releases of my favourite brands. I daydream all the time and wish to try the cult-products everybody is talking about, to see if they are really worth the hefty price tag, if they deliver all the miraculous effects they promise.

Of course most of them are high-end products, quite pricey, a result of the latest in research, innovation, the best quality in ingredients and the SF technology. I will probably dream about them next year too, but at least a few of them I hope to try this year. Hope dies last, they say. So I hope and I dream.
Face care:
estee lauder


sarah chapman


emma hardie

eve  lom

mac studio fix powder

paese powder
inglot shadows

anastasia beverly hills

numeric proof cheeks

numeric proof eyes

numeric proof lips

armani eyes to kill mascara

tom ford
tom ford
charlotte tilbury

kevyn aucoin
chanel - look at the packaging ..

dior ...gorgeous!!
I'll stop here with the make-up ...the list goes on and on... I won't start with the perfumes ...let's say I would sleep in the perfumery if I could ... and leave the shop with a truck full of perfumes!!! 
I would love to try some fancy make-up brushes from Marc Jacobs, MAC, Paula Dorf, Suqqu and some Japanese ones to see how well they work.


paula dorf
What can I say? I like to dream about trying all of them one day... and unfortunately the list gets bigger and bigger all the time. But I don't lose hope, I am a professional dreamer ...

Tell me What is your beauty wishlist for 2015? Until next time,


  1. I'm very modest. I wrote only a small list with the must-haves ... It gets bigger by the hour. :DD

  2. Yes, it is the shortened version, the longer one ...well let's say I can write many, many posts on the blog on the subject :D

  3. Well short it out baby :)

  4. Yes, I did! It was much longer at the beginning. Now it's "short" and concentrated. Just perfect!


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