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My current winter skin and body care routine

I wanted to write this post for quite a while but I couldn't find the right time. Tonight I decided to finally write it and hopefully help you with your winter care.

First of all, my routine is not fixed: I can add things or take out things according to the needs of my skin. Listen to your body, it is the best indicator to what you need! Don't apply blindly all that you read in the magazines or was recommended to you! It is your face, your body and you deserve the right things for your needs!

In the winter time I have two important directions: extra moisturization and protection from extreme weather conditions/temperatures and the sun.
In the evening I ALWAYS remove my make-up, no matter how exausted I am ! Girls NEVER sleep with your make-up on! It is very damaging to your skin, if you are tired at least remove your make-up with make-up removal wipes! Afterwards I cleanse my skin with a non-perfumed gentle cleanser, then I proceed with the moisturization.
Gerovital Derma+ cleansing and make-up removal fluid face and eyes - review soon
Q10 Anti wrinkle cleansing milk - review soon
Venus tonico delicato rinfrescante

I follow with a serum (optional) and then with the current eye and face cream. Plus a lip balm.
reviews soon
 I have an entire collection of lip balms to use in the winter time : one at my bedside table - Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream intensive lip balm , one at my desk, one in my bag (Oriflame Tender care rose protecting balm as back-up)
reviews soon
Nuxe Reve du Miel lip moisturising stick
I exfoliate my face every two weeks in the colder seasons, every week once or twice in the hotter seasons. I simply cannot live without my Sabon face polisher!! I alternate it with the Mint julep masque.
reviews soon
I sometimes feel the need to further nourish my face so I use masks every week. Now I alternate between one from Yves Rocher: Creamy repair mask (review soon) and another from Gerovital Derma+ .
In the morning I cleanse the face once more with my cleanser, then I continue with the face and eye creams, ALWAYS folowed by SPF protection.  After letting them sink into the skin I proceed with my make-up.
reviews soon
In the winter time I prefer sweeter perfumed and thicker, more nourishing shower gels or creams.
Yves Rocher  Coffee beans from Brazil and Macadamia nuts from Guatemala - reviews soon
The Body Shop Moringa shower gel
I like to exfoliate once a week during the hotter seasons and once in two weeks in the colder seasons. I love the Sabon creamy scrub in the winter time since it exfoliates and nourishes at the same time.
I use in shower body creams if I am in a hurry or body creams or butters if I have the time (on my feet as well, I don't really feel the need to buy a specific cream for them).
reviews soon
I also have a large collection of hand creams, for my bedside table, desk, purse and other locations. I cannot function without them, especially in the winter!
reviews soon
L'Occitane en Provence 20% shea butter hand cream for dry skin
Another one I used - Masticspa Mastic Hand Cream

And this is it! My current winter skin and body care routine. I hope this post was helpfull for you. Tell me How does your winter routine look like ?


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