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Gerovital H3 Natural Antiperspirant Deodorant - review

I have finished another deodorant I have used in tandem with my B.U. My Secret deodorant. I  always prefer the spray deodorants, I don't really like roll-on deodorants due to their liquid, sticky texture. Since I have finished it and it will go to the empties box (a large one filled with products, I can't bear myself to photo it..) I thought I would tell you my thoughts on it. It is Gerovital H3 Natural Antiperspirant Deodorant.

Gerovital H3 prof. dr. Ana Aslan antiperspirant deodorants have been created with a gentle, emulsion-type formulation, to care for the delicate underarm skin. They offer a long-lasting protection against unpleasant odours and leave no white or yellow traces on the clothes.
This dedorant has an energising but sensitive fragrance combining aquatic, green floral notes with sensual touches, to seduce the senses. The subtle freshness of black cranberries, ylang-ylang, lotus and irises is completed by the elegance and warmth of peonies, vetiver and musk, in a scent that is hard to forget.
Direction for use : Shake the container before use. Spray directly onto the skin from a distance of 15 cm.
It comes in a 150 ml can and has a fresh, pleasant scent I love. It is strong enough to be noticed, but not too strong to disturb those around you. The scent lasts on me for several hours and lingers pleasantly in the room waiting for my return.

I haven't used it in the high temperatures of the summer to see if it is really antiperspirant, in the colder seasons it has done its job well. It hasn't irritated the skin and prevented it from breathing freely.

As with all spray deodorants do not use them when the skin is sensitive from shaving or any other hair removal procedures. It will sting and burn your skin, leave it a day to calm down then apply the deodorant.

It can be found in the stores at the price of 10 ron/2.50 euros.
All in all, Gerovital H3 Natural Antiperspirant Deodorant is an efficient deodorant for daily wear with a lovely fresh scent to give you energy to last you for the entire day. I love it therefore I give it the A grade. If you like fresh, energetic scents give it a go! Until next time,  

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