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Protesud deodorant antiperspirant cream - review

This review is long overdue. I had had this Protesud deodorant antiperspirant cream for a long time but since I had many deodorants already in use I had to wait to finish them all. And I did and I am currently using this deodorant cream for more than a week so it's time I share my thoughts about it with you.
Protesud deodorant antiperspirant cream, is created by Vectem, a Spanish brand of dermatocosmetics - cosmetic products recommended by the doctor for specific skin problems or needs, for adults and even babies.

It is an deodorant antiperspirant cream recommended for excessive perspiration. The cream acts on three levels : it regulates excessive perspiration, reducing the discomfort caused and preventing the appearance of other related skin problems. It also absorbs the local humidity and it prevents the fermenting of the perspiration and by doing so, also prevents the appearance of its unpleasant odour.
Protesud deodorant antiperspirant cream is recommended for specific areas : underarms, abdomen and pelvis area, hands and feet. It does not clog the pores or produce the underarm furuncles. On the feet it prevents the excessive perspiration, chapped skin, the skin corrosion and the unpleasant odour. On the underarm area it reduces the excessive perspiration and the unpleasant odour.

Directions for use : After the shower or bath, apply the cream carefully in small quantities, spreading it with the fingers over the area. To better absorb into the skin, the cream should to be applied onto the moist skin. The remaining cream on the hands is easily removed with water. Do not apply the cream over irritated skin. It is recommended a daily use for the Protesud deodorant antiperspirant cream in the hotter seasons.
The cream comes in a 40 ml squeezy tube with a valability of 12 months. The cream has a slight menthol/medicinal scent that it not unpleasant for me. It has a thick white texture and by rubbing it gently, is easily absorbed into the skin. 
I don't have issues of excessive perspiration therefore I have used it only on the underarm areas, where I need it. After the application is gives the effect of a squicky dry skin, absorbing all moisture and keeping the perspiration away for around 6 hours (in the colder season when I am using it). It also keeps the unpleasant odour away and at the end of the day it needs a good cleanse of the skin with soap and water to keep the skin clean and breathing.

It didn't cause me any unpleasant skin reactions like itching, irritations or any other skin problems.
You can find it in pharmacies and online stores at the price of aprox. 15 ron.
All in all, Protesud deodorant antiperspirant cream is an efficient deodorant antiperspirant cream, absorbing all moisture and keeping the perspiration away for most of the day in colder seasons. For its 40 ml the cost is very good and it will last you for a long time since you only need a small amount for every use. Therefore I give it the A grade. If you have problems with the excessive perspiration it is worth to give this cream a go ! Until next time,


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