joi, 10 decembrie 2015

B.U. My secret deodorant - review

I have an old love for B.U., since I discovered the magic yellow version of B.U.. This was and still is, the best for me, from all the versions present or future. I simply love it! When I am wearing it, it always brings beautiful and cherished memories for me. I will always buy my yellow B.U. for the sentimental value and the lovely scent I love. But I'm rambling..I had the oportunity to test a new scent they released : B.U. My Secret.

I have always found all B.U. deodorants efficient for me, which I want most in a deodorant, the scent is an added bonus for me. This new dedorant B.U. My Secret is no exception. It comes in a 150 ml can, all girly and pink. I have always prefered the spray deodorants, I don't really like roll-on deodorants due to their liquid, sticky texture.

The scent is very interesting : a mixture of sweet and spicy that is also feminine and sensual. It is a combination of tangerine, apple, pear, strawberry and cherry with elegant and sensual notes of jasmin and gardenia, topped by sweet notes of vanila, coconut and marshmallow. The scent is pleasant, sweet and fresh at the same time. It is strong enough to be noticed, but not too strong to disturb those around you.

The scent lasts on me for several hours. I also like that it also perfumes my room when I apply it, the perfume lingers discretely, pleasantly fo the entire day. I tried to find the ingredients for you but I couldn't.

As with all spray deodorants do not use them when the skin is sensitive from shaving or any other hair removal procedures. It will sting and burn your skin, leave it a day to calm down then apply the deodorant.
It can be found in the stores at the price of 12 ron.
All in all, B.U. My secret deodorant is an efficient deodorant for daily wear with a lovely sensual scent to put you in a good mood for the entire day. I love it therefore I give it the A grade. If you like feminine, sensual scents give it a go! Until next time,


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