duminică, 20 decembrie 2015

New location for the Inglot store

My lovely readers I have great news for you : Inglot has moved from its last location in Baneasa Shopping City to a brand new location in Unirii Boulevard no.33 (a small walking distance from Unirea Shopping Center). The store is significantly larger in size, more elegant and stylish.

The second great news I have for you (especially for the ladies where there are no Inglot stores) is that next year Inglot will launch the Inglot.ro online store to bring its wonderful products closer to each and every one of you. 
I like very much the newer store location. It has a more stylish and laid back, relaxed atmosphere. It gives you the mood to linger in the store at your leisure and enjoy in your own pace the wonderful products it now houses.
If you don't have the patience to go through this post I have made a Periscope transmission live from the store (in Romanian since many of the live followers were Romanian but I also spoke in English from time to time). You can watch the video on replay here : katch.me/adrianatone/inglotnewstore. 

If you want to see my live videos follow me on Periscope (app available both on App Store and Google Play) : @adrianatone. The recording lasts for 24 hours on Periscope.
If you want to see a replay follow me on Katch : @adrianatone (the replay recording is permanent).
As you can see for yourself the store looks great and it is filled with many wonderful temptations! If you are a make-up lover like me, you have to visit the store and discover its products! Here are some of the newest products in the store :
Other highlights in the store : 
I hope I persuaded you to visit the store. I am sure you can be inspired to do your Christmas shopping there, there are many products that will please any make-up lover. The store is open from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 21.00 and on Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00. Until next time,


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