vineri, 18 decembrie 2015

Wycon Automatic lip liner in 105 Petal - review

I have been looking for a dusky rose lip pencil shade for a long time. All I could find were either too bold or too faded. And in one of my trips to Wycon I found it, I saw it, tested it and loved it! And of course I bought it on the spot. I have used it for a while so I thought I would show it to you. It is Wycon Automatic lip liner in 105 Petal.

The Wycon Automatic lip liner is a lip pencil in a box with automatic sharpener included. Its soft texture and smooth design makes it perfect to draw the lip contour and to improve the sealing of the lipstick in place. It ensures a high resistance on lips and fades easily. It does not contain parabens. Ophthalmologist tested.
The shade I got this time 105 Petal is also very pigmented. I simply love the neutral dusky rose colour! Very beautiful and it suits every skin colour and age. It is very soft and very easy to use. If you line your entire lip with it, it provides an excellent base for the lipstick, which improves its resistance. I also like to wear it alone onto the lips as a lipstick: I line the lips with it, then I blend it with my fingers and that's it! It is very useful if you are in a hurry.
You can find it in the Wycon store on Selari street no.7 at the price of aprox. 25 ron. I also have another two shades, one is already reviewed wjcon-automatic-lip-liner-108-Status.
All in all, the Wycon Automatic lip liner in 105 Petal is one of my very favourites! Intense colour, very pigmented, long-lasting, decent price. I give it the A grade, if you are in the old city area, go and check it out in the store! Until next time,


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