marți, 1 decembrie 2015

Yves Rocher Apple Delight Candle

One of my very favourite ways of relaxing is either reading a good book or listening to music, both in the company of a scented candle. I love the warmth of the candlelight and I embrace the soothing scent it gives. As with shower gels or perfumes, I like to switch the scents according to the season : in the warmer/hotter season I like fresh scents, in the colder seasons I like sweet, cinnamony, heavier scents. And there are the holiday scents, as I like to call them. Those scents that instantly put me in the holiday mood : I want to sing carols, to arrange the Christmas tree and to write my letter to Santa. Those are always vanilla or cinnamon related. The Yves Rocher Apple Delight Candle  is one of them.
This candle is part of the limited edition Yves Rocher Christmas 2015 collection, I wrote earlier about. The candle has a mixed scent of fresh apples, subtly enhanced with warm and delicious vanilla notes. It is a high quality candle made in France, that lasts more than 20 hours.
It comes in a 2.4 oz./70 gr. glass recipient with gold embossing on the front. I like the festive golden recipient; lit, it looks even better. It goes well with my mini sized Christmas tree I have on the desk.

Firstly I like the scent, which is not too strong and not too discrete. Just right. It has a close resemblance to the natural scent of apple and vanilla, it doesn't have that artificial, unpleasant scent.

It lit fast and the scent it gave is just right. My office is a decent sized room, not too big but not very small either. The scent was strong enough to be felt in the room but not so strong that it overpowered everything else. I like the intensity  of the scent, discrete but not too discrete.
After I put out the candle the scent lingered in the room for many hours, I could feel it still in the air the next morning when I came to the computer for a coffee and some email reading and blogging.
You can find it in all Yves Rocher stores and online at the price  of 29 ron/9 dollars/7.50 pounds.
I already love this candle very much. I like the scent, slightly fresh but sweet at the same time, that right kind of sweet. It is discrete but not too discrete, but strong enough to bring its warmth and holiday spirit into the room. It has 20 hours of wear and it looks good with my other holiday ornaments. And the price is decent for its size. Therefore Yves Rocher Apple Delight Candle gets an A grade from me. If you like apples and vanilla, go and smell it in the store! Until next time ,
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