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ACADEMIE Huile De Soin Hydratante, Hydrating Treatment Oil - review

We live in a pretty cynical world. We stopped believing in stories and fairytales. But there is a time when we have to believe again. You are wondering what this has to do with today's post ? Well, I am a pretty cynical person and I don't believe in the beautifully packaged stories about make-up or cosmetics until I have some hard evidence. 

I am going through a pretty tiring and stressful period that makes my skin very dehydrated. And even if I try to add intensive moisturizing products, they still can't cope. What to do ? Enter ACADEMIE Huile De Soin Hydratante, Hydrating Treatment Oil.

ACADEMIE Huile De Soin Hydratante, Hydrating Treatment Oil. It is a treatment booster for all skin types. It is concentrated in Green Myrtle and Absolute Rose de Mai Essential Oils, with Raspberry and Peach Extracts, hydrating the skin and acting as an effective and real booster to the day or night cream. As a result, the skin is moisturized and recovers its softness and comfort.
It has a great TOTAL CONCENTRATION IN ACTIVE INGREDIENTS of 13,015% : Green Myrtle of Corsica, Provence Absolute Rose de Mai Essential Oils and Auvergne Raspberry, French Peach Extracts complex 10,015% and Imperata cylindrica extract 3%.
Directions for use : Morning and evening, apply a few drops of the treatment oil to the cleansed face and neck area with light movements. Then apply your daily skin care.

It comes in a 30 ml glass bottle with a dropper and has a valability of 12 months. I like the dropper very much, since the oil has a runny consistency, it is very useful in controlling the right dosage for each use. 

The oil has a very pleasant discrete sweet raspberry scent I like and it is almost instantly absorbed into the skin. What I like the most is that it hydrates very well the skin but it does not leave an oily film onto the skin. 

After applying this oil I add a layer of my current face cream and I'm good to go! I like that it boosts the hydration level that my skin needs right now. The effect lasts almost all day on my skin, I feel the need to further moisturize in the evening, after the removal of the make-up and the face cleanse.
You can find it in the Top Line shop and online at the price of 266 ron/46 euros. 
All in all, ACADEMIE Huile De Soin Hydratante, Hydrating Treatment Oil is a great hydrating oil for dry to very dry skin. For me, it added the long-lasting hydration my skin needed right now, it was quicky absorbed into the skin and left no oily film. I like all about it, except the price. I think it is quite a pricey product, less affordable for everyone. Even if for me it was effective and I love it, I would buy it only if it is reduced. Therefore I give it the -A grade (for the higher price). Until next time,


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