marți, 5 mai 2015

Inglot love .. again! - new eyeshadows with swatches

I say it again : I love Inglot! They have very good and pigmented products, especially the eye shadows, pigments and blushes in a wide variety of colours. Love them! It's an entire universe to explore ..  lipsticks, nail polishes, mascaras, base products .. and I can't wait!
This is another autumn shopping spree that I'm presenting to you today after playing with the shadows for a few months.
Four eye shadows in 344, 341,46 and 351 (in the pictures there is also 502 grey, from an earlier encounter with Inglot).
I'll say the same things I said about my first Inglot eye shadows. The eyeshadows are very pigmented, they have a minimal fall-out, they blend well and the most important thing for me, they last onto the skin (if you are wearing a base or primer they last even better).
    I'll leave the pictures do the talking :
    Swatches in sunlight :
   Swatches in natural light:
All the products can be found in all Inglot stores and on Inglot's Facebook page. (You can order by  phone 0724464568 (0724INGLOT), in a private message on Inglot's Facebook page and by mail at
Freedom system :  Eye shadows  - 26 ron/piece
    You can see some moving swatches :
They are very pigmented and they last quite a long time ; I wiped the swatches off .. you can see the result :
All in all, I like Inglot a lot! I still have many things to try and test from them but for now I love everything I've tested. They have very good quality products and the Freedon System which allows you to create and personalize your make-up is very useful! Visit the store, you'll fall in love with them as I have! Tell me Have you tried Inglot products ? What are your favourites ? Until next time,


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