vineri, 1 mai 2015

This or that TAG !

I received this tag from and since I haven't done one in a while I tought it would be interesting to do this one now.  Here it is - This or that tag !
blush or bronzer - definitely blush! I cannot live without it, it changes any complexion and make-up for the better if chosen well and applied with moderation. I use bronzer very rarely, especially for contouring for an evening make-up.

lip gloss or lipstick - definitely lipstick! For the moment I adore very bright coloured, statement lipsticks! You only need mascara and a good blush and the make-up is done! I rarely use glosses they tend to bleed on me so I avoid them.

eye liner or mascara - mascara! I use it top and bottom lashes to give me the lashy, wide awake look! I also like to define my eyes with eye crayons smudged with eye shadow.

foundation or concealer - actually both! I use a mattifying, long-lasting foundation for my combination skin in a light layer. I use concealer on top to cover the areas that need more coverage.

neutral or color eye shadow - a few years ago I favoured coloured eye make-up, now I tend to use more neutral eye shadows with a pop of colour especially on the lips.

pressed or loose eye shadows - I usually use pressed eye shadows, they are compact, travel-friendly and easier to use. I have a few eye pigments from Inglot - I love them and use them when I do my make-up at home. They are more difficult to use due to the inevitable fall-out.

brushes or sponges - definitely brushes!! I love my Sigma brushes! I also love the Real Techniques ones! I buy Sigma and  Real Techniques for specific purposes and applications. The rest of them are no name but they work for simple eye shadow application onto the lid.

OPI or china glaze - OPI because I haven't tried any China Glaze nail polishes. Maybe in the future..
Long or short - neither. I like my nails to be not too long and not too short. I like them to have an oval, feminine shape that looks good with nail polish on.

Acrylic or natural - I prefer natural. It is better for the nails.

Brights or darks - it depends on the mood I'm in. But generally I prefer brights.

Flower or no flower - definitely flower! I love all girly, girly things!

perfume or body splash - definitely perfume! I love perfumes! The more the better!! I would live in a perfumery!!

lotion or body butter - body butter in the winter time, lotion in the summer time

body wash or soap - body wash!! They are easier to use and they perfume the bath too.

lush or other bath company - definitely Lush! I am soo sorry they cannot be found in Romania.. Now I have to ask my friends who go abroad to bring me products ..

jeans or sweat pants - jeans!! I don't like the slouchy look

long sleeve of short  - short in the summer, long in the winter

dresses or skirts - dresses! I like to feel feminine, elegant and girly.

stripes or plaid - stripes. They're fun!

flip flops or sandals - it depends. If I want to feel elegant I go for sandals. If I want to be comfortable I go for flip flops.

scarves or hats - scarves. The more colourful, the better. They brings attitude and fun in any boring outfit.

studs or dangly earrings - both

necklaces or bracelets - both

heels or flats - if I need to be elegant medium heels. If I need to be on my feet all day flats.

cowboy boots or riding boots - neither. I 'm not into those trends.

jacket or hoodie - jacket. I like the casual, relaxed look. I'm not really into the sporty-hoody look (with the exception of trips where I have to feel comfortable).

curly or straight - straight. My hair is oily, soft and difficult to syle.

bun or ponytail - neither. I have short hair so I cannot style it in this way.

bobby pins or butterfly clips - no competition here : I adore butterfies! So butterfly clips.

hair spray or gel - neither. Due to my oily hair I stay away from styling products.

long or short - short

light or dark - dark at the moment.

side sweep bangs or full bangs - neither. Bangs make me look like a child.

up or down - down. I cannot clip up my hair it's too short.

Mt. Rigi Switzerland
Rain or shine - definitely shine! I adore the sunny, warm days filled with light and optimism.

Summer or winter - definitely summer! I adore the seaside!! Plus it's my birthday in July!

Fall or spring - both. I cannot choose.

Chocolate or vanilla - vanilla. It's more perfumed and better tasting !

That's it! Thank you for having the patience to read this longer post! I hope that you got to know me better and that we have many things in common. Lots of kisses ladies !
P.S. I nominate to do this tag : AnneDanaIraAna Maria and Lorena. Kisses ladies, I'm waiting for your answers!  Until next time ,


  1. Dragut! Ma bucur ca ai preluat tagul! :)
    Ne asemanam la unele Chestii!

  2. Multumesc de tag! O sa incerc sa il fac :)

  3. Frumos !!! si eu ma regasesc in multe chestii de pe acolo :)))))

  4. Ma bucur ca ti-a placut tag-ul.O sa mai fac.

  5. Incerc sa-mi amintesc daca am completat tag-ul acesta! Tind sa cred ca da... In schimb, stiu clar ca in perioada aceasta, stau foarte prost la onorarea nominalizarilor! Shame on me!

    Monica, m-a relaxat sa citesc raspunsurile tale si sa descopar ca rezonam la multe dintre idei! Spre exemplu, aici:
    "definitely lipstick! For the moment I adore very bright coloured, statement lipsticks! You only need mascara and a good blush and the make-up is done! I rarely use glosses they tend to bleed on me so I avoid them."

    Te pup!

    1. Ma bucur ca ti-a placut tag-ul. Cu siguranta voi mai face si altele. Este foarte distractiv sa descoperim cate lucruri avem in comun sau nu .. Un weekend placut iti doresc!


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