joi, 7 mai 2015

MAC Flat Out Fabulous lipstick - too fab to care

I said it before : I love M.A.C. matte lipsticks! I loove the matte finish, it's so opaque and pigmented. Together with a bold colour it's a fab combo! Today I'll show you another M.A.C. matte lipstick that I own - MAC Flat Out Fabulous ! Looove the name by the way!!
It comes  in a 3 gr/ 0.1 oz package in the classic M.A.C. black. It has a matte finish with a strong colour and pigmentation ; the only thing that I don't like is the fact that it dries the lips quite badly. But if I moisturize them very well it's ok.
The colour is very intense, matte and opaque, which I love. It is strong enough to be worn in one layer or you can add another one for a stronger pop of colour. The colour lasts around 3 to 4 hours on my lips and fades leaving a stain behind.
You can see the ingredients below:
You can see for yourself how gorgeous it is from the swatches :
You can see comparison swatches between MAC Flat Out Fabulous and Girl About Town (initially I thought they have the same colour, they do not).
in light
 As you can see the colour is not the same but close .. what can I say ?? I really love my pinks!
 It is sold at all M.A.C. stores at the price of aprox. 90 ron/ 16 dollars.
I adore it! It has a strong pigmentation and bold colour! It cheers me up when I don't feel so good and it gets me in a great mood. It is decently long-lasting on my lips, it leaves a stain behind, but it does dry the lips. I give it the - A grade (due to the price and its drying effect)! Until next time ,


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