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Nivea face care - look update to protect the environment

You know I love Nivea. I always have a Nivea creme in my home, for every emergency. It's good and cheap and it smells like home. I love it! And yes, our story with Nivea goes a long way: my grandmother had this Nivea creme in her youth (I love the vintage metal recipient! I'll definitely keep it and cherish it) - I happened to find it by chance; I am very glad I did!
the old
Nowadays Nivea, keeping up-to-date with the latest environmental trends, has decided to update the look of all its face care, starting of course with the cult Nivea creme. The new face care recipients are created with an innovative and eco-friendly design; now made of plastic that in time reduces the carbon footprint of the products.

the new
The Nivea face creams are now three : one for each skin type, perfectly customized for every need.
NIVEA Face Care Moisturising Day Care (normal skin) protects and refreshes your skin all day long! Enriched with vitamin E and Hydra IQ technology, this light cream helps keep your skin moisturised all day long! Provides the skin with a long lasting feeling of freshness. With SPF 15 and extra UVA filters helps protect the skin from sun induced damage. Price - 22.12 ron
NIVEA Face Care Aqua Effect Mattifying Day Care (combination to oily skin) moisturises and controls shine with Ocean Algae & Hydra IQ. Provides intensive moisture without clogging pores. Reduces shine and mattifies the look of skin thanks to its oil-free, non-greasy formula. Leaves skin looking healthy and beautiful. Dermatologist tested. SPF 15. Price - 22.12 ron
NIVEA Face Care Nourishing Day Care (dry and sensitive skin) intensively nourishes the skin, provides it with moisture, protects it and leaves it soft and smooth. Enriched with Almond Oil and Hydra IQ technology this rich formula works to restore the skin's moisture balance and intensively moisturises the skin. With SPF 15, this formula helps to protect the skin from external influences and sun-induced damage. Price - 22.12 ron
      Tell me What Nivea creme makes your heart beat faster ?  Until next time,
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