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Make-up tutorial day to night

Today with great emotions I present you the second task from L'Oreal beauty blogger school : the make-up tutorial for my type of skin and complexion. It is a post with many firsts for me : it is my first ever make-up tutorial.
        Let's start with the beginning :
1. Preparing the skin for the make-up . I cleaned the face with micellar water. I moisturized the eyes with an eye cream and moisturized the face with a cream or other product (in my case the L'Oreal Nutri Gold extraordinary oil). I have already had a moisturizing balm onto the lips - I use it all the time now; I feel my lips are quite dry.

2. Applying the base and making the corrections. Putting on foundation (very little for me, I don't feel I have serious face problems to cover - if I do, I cover them with concealer), under eye concealer for my dark circles, putting on powder, contouring the face and applying the blush.

3. Applying the eye make-up. I started with a base (here, a cream eye shadow) which will keep my eye make-up in place and crease free. Then, I applied the powder eye shadows, the eye crayon for a better definition and I applied a layer of mascara.
4.  Putting the finishing touches for the make-up. I highlighted certain parts of the face with a highlight colour (you can also add now a finishing powder).

5. Putting on the lipstick. I realised by this time that I could show you first a day time make-up, so I applied a pleasant peachy, shimmery lipstick onto the lips. The day time make-up was done!

To transform the day make-up into a night one, I made several changes to the make-up : I applied with my fingers a touch of golden eye pigment onto the lid and blended well with the rest of the make-up. I reapplied the other eye shadows or eye crayon if they faded and blend them well. I added the second layer of mascara (I don't like my lashes to be too loaded with mascara and too unnatural looking).

And finally I added the promised red lipstick - the gorgeous L'Oreal Color Riche Julianne's Pure Red. Firstly I contoured my lips with a lip crayon and then I added the lipstick with the brush in three layers, adding and blotting to make it last longer by creating a stain onto the lips. And the night time make-up was done!

You can find out more about the L'Oreal products I used here .
Here is the finished look (I had a bad hair day) :

     This article was written for L' Oreal beauty blogger school.
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