sâmbătă, 9 mai 2015

Surprise, surprise : news from Inglot

On Thursday the 7th of May Inglot gathered the entire beauty blogosphere to present its newest products. Knowing how wonderful all Inglot products are, I was very intrigued and excited. As soon as I arrived at the store I went straight for the new arrivals section.
As you can see there are many gorgeous and colourful products on display. Let's start with the stars of this launch the Inglot Star Dust pigments - they are drop-dead gorgeous!! Sparkly, colourful and fun! Just perfect for the summer! (54 ron).

You can see their magic below :
There were also three cream blushes in very warm and wearable colours (47 ron) and four lip pencils (42 ron).
There is also a new Long For mascara (62 ron), brush holders (125 ron) and the magical pro-blending sponge (65 ron).
The colourful mood continued with the new make-up bags in very summery colours and easy to wash (99 ron).
I left the store, promising myself I would be back to explore in depth the newest arrivals and with a little homework to test from Inglot - a pigment from the Star Dust collection and a lipstick. I will be back with an in depth review after a little testing.
I have to admit I loooove the new pigments !! I'm sure they'll look breath-taking on a bronzed look in the club ! To fab for words !! I also love the colourful make-up bags - I would buy them all to store my make-up and other bits and bobs there ! I say it again : Inglot is dangerous for your wallet ! Tell me What are your favourites ?  Until next time ,


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