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Douglas Home Spa Harmony of Ayurveda rich body cream - review

As I said in the last empties post, I forgot to publish the review for a product I finished : the Douglas Home Spa Harmony of Ayurveda body cream. So I kept my promise and I published it today.
Douglas allows us ladies to pamper ourselves at home with its own Home Spa range. The Harmony of Ayurveda range is designed to offer the regeneration and revitalization of the skin together with a touch of relaxation. Its products contain essential oils and anti-aging ingredients.
Douglas Home Spa Harmony of Ayurveda rich body cream
As its name suggests it is designed for dry to very dry skin, having a rich and thick texture and a high amount of nutrients. It keeps the skin hydrated for many hours, leaving it soft, nourished and protected from the external factors.
The rich body cream contains almond and sesame oils, which provide a deep nourishment for the skin for a long time. It is free of parabens. It contains 200 ml of product.
It has a thick, rich texture and a slightly sweet almondy-luxurious smell. The texture melts and is quicky absorbed into the skin, leaving it nourished and soft, but not greasy. I didn't have any reactions to it like itching or reddening of the skin.
It can be found in all Douglas shops at the price of 69 ron/15 euros.
All in all, Douglas Home Spa Harmony of Ayurveda rich body cream is a good product for dry to very dry skin (I have normal skin and it worked for me in the colder seasons). It has almond and sesame oils and no parabens. I give it the B grade because of the price which I think is a little higher for a body product. If you need a good body cream for dry skin  and a little pampering at home, give it a go ! Until next time ,


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