marți, 12 mai 2015

News, News : Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove

I think you already know I love my Sigma brushes. They are good quality brushes and they work wery well, they don't shed and don't lose dye. Now Sigma has released its newest tool designed to make the brush cleaning a child's play : the Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove.
The Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove was designed as a compact brush cleaning device featuring 7 patented textures for both eyes and face brushes. The glove provides a quick and effective cleaning process including a universally fit strap to be placed around the thumb and wrist to help secure the glove during vigorous brush cleaning. Also travel-friendly, it conveniently occupies minimal space for easy storage and transporting. Patent No. 9,015,895
        Glove Features:
- 7 patented textures for the ultimate clean
- Compact, travel-friendly
- Great for those with a modest brush collection
- Reversible for transitioning between eye and face brushes

                                                                      Brush Cleaning How-To:
  1. Place mat to fit in the up-right position in sink
  2. Secure suction cups onto sink
  3. Wet brush(es)
  4. WASH (Face or Eyes Side) – Add a small amount of cleaning solution and water to mat and swirl brush on ‘Wash’ texture to begin deep cleaning the brush(es).
  5. RINSE (Face or Eyes Side) – Place brush under running water and sweep brush back and forth on the ‘Rinse’ texture of the mat to remove makeup residue & soap.
  6. REFINE – Swirl brush on the ‘Refine’ texture of the mat for an added deep cleaning
  7. RINSE (Face or Eyes Side) – Place brush under running water & sweep brush back and forth on the ‘Rinse’ texture for a final rinse.
  8. REFINE PLUS (Face or Eyes Side) – Repeat cleaning process for a deeper clean
  9. RINSE (Face or Eyes Side) – Repeat rinsing process to remove excess makeup residue and soap.
  10. Gently squeeze brush head with your hand to remove excess water.
  You can see how it works in the video below :

  You can find it at Sigma's site at the price of 25 dollars.  Until next time ,


  1. Why should i use a product like this monica? What are the unique benefits it offers? Thanks in advance

  2. This is a product that helps a make-up artist or a passionate make-up lover that has many, many brushes to wash. If you love make-up but don't have so many brushes it's ok to wash them in the usual way. If you have many brushes to wash, it is very useful; it can shorten the wash time quite dramatically. Having many different textures, it can be used to wash the different, specific brushes for specific tasks.This is the main advantage it offers. I don't urge people to buy the products I present. As a reader of all things beauty I like to keep in touch with the latest releases, so I present them on the blog. If you buy them or not, it's your decision.

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