marți, 23 iunie 2015

The new Sweet Moon collection by Dana Rogoz

This Sunday I had the pleasure to attend the launch of the newest Dana Rogoz collection under her Moon brand : Sweet Moon - two clutches inspired from two famous recipes made with mixes by Dr. Oetker. The new limited collection is fun, original and full of joie du vivre just like Dana.
Knowing Dana and her previous products (I have two Moon clutches I love and I really like the perfume, especially in the summer, you can find out more about it here), I knew that whatever surprise she had in store for us, it was going to be great !

    Sweet Moon Muffin (250 ron) - is inspired by Dr. Oetker's mix for cakes with vanilla flavour and chocolate chips. It is a mix of natural white, nude and chocolate leather with golden hardware.
    Sweet Moon Cake (300 ron) - is inspired by Dr. Oetker's mix for cakes known as "Molehill cake". It has a rounded cake shape from which a slice can be cut out. You can wear it expanded to the maximum or flattened in the middle. The clutch comes with a golden bracelet, which you can wear with the bag or on its own.
    Here are some more photos from the launch :
credit : Dana Rogoz
You can see the other Moon products here : Until next time,


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