luni, 1 iunie 2015

Pandora Summer 2015 collection wishlist

As you already know, I have been out of town this weekend. And I missed both the blog and you, my lovely readers! As a teacher we celebrate every end of May the senior graduation; for several years now we have been going to the Bulgarian seaside. This year we have stayed at Golden Sands resort. Our hotel was very close to the sea so we had gorgeous panoramas all the time.
the view from our hotel
I forgot how much I missed the sea! I love the sea with its clear, shining water, its warm, golden sands, its caressing, salty breeze and its smiling sun! I think you have guessed by now that my favourite season is summer .. Anyway I rambled too much! This weekend also reminded me that the newest Pandora Summer 2015 collection is available in stores !
It is simply gorgeous! And yes it is sea inspired! When I see it I think about an exotic island, with clear, turqoise sea, golden sands, blue sky, gorgeous flowers..pampering the senses, celebrating life! And of course I have quite a wishlist! At the top of the list is this gorgeous orchid! I want it !!

      Next there are the two bracelets - blue or green. Perfect summer colours!
       There are so many pieces inspired by the sea and the beach .. I want them all!
 You can check out Pandora here . Tell me What do you like from this collection ? Until next time ,


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