luni, 8 iunie 2015

Bold, wild and free ? Try Melkior Indian Summer Collection

This summer is going to be hot! It's all about living life to the maximum, being free, bold and wild. Doing things that we have never done before, having new experiences and enjoying every moment of our lives! It's a summer full of bright, bold colour, statement looks and bohemian attitude !
Melkior is keeping up-to-date with the latest global trends, therefore it launched its latest collection just in time; it's going to be an Indian Summer ! It's all about carefree holidays, freedom, no stress, the sun and the sea, the gentle breeze and the golden sand.

    The collection contains :
    Two matte lipsticks - Clementine and Coquette and two shiny lipsticks - Bisou and  Fleureter - 39,90 ron.
     Three new eyeshadows - Tropical Green, Emerald, Wild Cherry - 27 ron ( refill - 17 ron).
     Three new nail polishes - Wild Orchid, Rubi, Fire - 29,00 ron.
     This summer be bold, be free and live your life to the fullest!
I love the liveliness of this collection, the passion, the bold colours! Make-up is fun!
The collection is already in the stores so check it out! Until next time ,


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