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A little chat about Make-up Removal and Face Cleansing

One of the most important step in our daily face routine, besides putting on SPF, is the cleansing routine. It is a MUST, every day, in the evening and in the morning, no matter if you had any make-up on or not!

Not removing make-up means congested skin and clogged pores which will lead to breakouts, puffiness around the eyes and fine lines – in short, a proper cleansing makes your skin look younger and healthier for longer!
my current make-up removers and cleansers stash
If you are normally wearing make-up you need to double cleanse : once with make-up removers to take off the products from your skin and the second time with the right cleansers to properly cleanse the skin from any left make-up removers or any other residues.
If you don't usually wear make-up you can cleanse the skin with a good cleanser to remove the dirt, sebuum or any other residues accumulated over the day.
It is a MUST that we cleanse the skin not only at the end of the day but in the morning too. Over the night the skin accumulates sebuum and other residues that must be removed.
my current make-up removers and cleansers

How to remove the make-up :

Start with the lips - wipe the lipstick off from the exterior towards the interior.

Move to the eye area - you need a special eye make-up remover (if you are wearing heavy eye make-up, a biphasic - an oil based remover is the right one); there are many types of eye make-up removers - choose the one that's right for your skin and the make-up products you use.
Remember that the surrounding skin around the eyes is really thin and delicate, so you need to be especially gentle – there should be no rubbing or pulling on the skin.
eye make-up remover
The best and most effective way to remove eye make-up is to soak a couple of pads in remover, then hold them onto the eyes for a minute or so to soften and loosen the make-up. If you do this, all of the eye make-up comes off really quickly and easily in one motion (from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner) – (even false lashes)– without any harsh rubbing or pulling. Don't forget to clean the eyebrows too!

Next take off the rest of the face make-up. Wet the face with water. Dot the cleansing milk onto the face, massage it well into the skin to loosen the make-up and then rinse it off with a lot of warm water. Don't forget to cleanse the surrounding ear area if you put foundation there, or the neck and the décolletage area; they also need cleansing.
cleansing milks
After this step, it is recommended to use a toner. Besides removing the residues from the make-up removers, it freshens the face and also balances the natural Ph of the skin.
I use it as toner
If you need a further cleasing, now it's time to use a cleanser. Massage it gently onto the skin then rinse with water. Your face should be squicky clean, refreshed and ready to be moisturized!
 I'll post a second part to this post in which I'll detail more the types of make-up removers and cleansers you can find. You need to chose them wisely for your type of skin, skin problems or needs and the amount of make-up you usually use.
I hope this post is useful to you in creating your face routine for a healthy, glowing, happy skin ! Until next time ,



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