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Need extra sun protection ? Ivatherm SUNLIGHT Hydrating face cream SPF50+ to the resque!

It's now officialy summer! The sun is shining at its hottest! As I've told you before in a previous post the-sun-friend-or-foe the sun is our friend but also our enemy. We must protect our skin now better than before; the sun's rays are very powerful and harming than they were in our grandparents' times.
And to dispell a wrong myth I've encountered these days, the olive oil or any other oils DO NOT PROTECT THE SKIN FROM THE UVA/UVB RAYS!!! We should use the specialized products created with the latest technologies for this purpose only! There is a great variety of products at any price range! All beauty brands have at least one sun protection product in their portofolio!
One of the brands that has come to our help is Ivatherm. Recently it has lanched a new product meant to offer a full 360 degrees protection from UVA, UVB and IR (even in water) for all types sensitive skin. SUNLIGHT SPF50+ protects the cell DNA, has anti-inflamatory, immune-transforming properties and also prevents the early aging process of the skin.
The cream has a pleasant, hypoallergenic smell, a light texture and doesn't leave white traces. It is easy to use.
Instructions : Apply even on moist skin onto the face, neck and décolletage in the morning or before exposing in the sun, re-applying every time it is needed.
Ingredients : Antileukine 6 (brown algae extract) reduces the cell DNA decay, protecting the skin against the UVA and UVB radiations. Physavie (Physalis fruit) protects the skin agains the harming effects of IR (infrared radiations - responsable for the heating effect of the skin; they generate the majority of the free radicals) and has anti-inflamatory and hydrating properties.
You can find it in pharmacies at the recommended price of 62 ron and online . If you love your skin protect it ! Until next time ,
Infrared (IR) radiation consists of wavelengths from 760 nm to 1 mm, and it is subdivided into three regions of increasing wavelength, IR-A (760–1400 nm), IR-B (1400–3000 nm), and IR-C (3000 nm–1 mm). Given that almost half of the solar energy reaching the earth's surface is in the IR range, solar IR is expected to have significant biological effects on human skin. 
Heat is a form of energy that may be transmitted by IR radiation, which results in raised skin temperature. Human skin is exposed daily to natural sunlight. The temperature of human skin can increase to more than 40°C under direct IR irradiation due to the conversion of IR into heat. 
There is clinical evidence indicating that chronic heat exposure of human skin may cause alterations. The skin disease called erythema ab igne is known to be caused by chronic heat exposure. It is characterized clinically by reticular pigmentation of the skin and histologically by the presence of solar elastosis in the dermis similar to what is seen in photoaged skin. 
Furthermore, severe skin aging may develop occasionally on bakers' arms, because of exposure to hot ovens, and on the faces of glass blowers. 
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