marți, 9 iunie 2015

News from Melkior

Yesterday I made a special post about the latest Melkior collection Indian Summer. The collection is so beautiful and fun that it deserved its own post. Therefore today I'm back with a new post with the rest of the new products from Melkior.
Melkior Mascara Space Volum - Brown (39.90 ron) - volume building mascara. It doesn't smudge or goop the lashes. Transfer-resistant. Intensely pigmented formula with nourishing Shea butter and Carnauba wax. Flexible brush that applies the mascara from the bottom to the top of the lashes.
Perfect for the summer! New bright, bold, neon nail polishes - Pink Cocktail, Disco Power, Crazytality, Crazy Pink and Vertigo. (29 ron).
Wanna stand out from the crowd ? Try the new fantasy false lashesBlue Look and Fantastic Look (19.90 ron). Strip lashes that add volume to natural lashes on all their length.
Instructions for use : Before the application of the false lashes, at the end of the eye make-up, draw a smudged black line at the base of the lashes as a base for the false lashes. Remove the lashes from the box and, if they are too large, adjust the outer corner by cutting the excess. Apply the lash adhesive onto the strip of the lashes, not on the eyelids. Wait for 30 seconds until the adhesive hardens. Apply the strip, the eyes downwards and half-open. Apply the lashes near the natural eyelashes and press the ends. Never apply the adhesive directly on the eyelids. It is irritating to the eyes. If it had contact with the eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice. 

If you are on the run and you need to remove your make-up Melkior has the solution : the Soft Clean make-up remover wipes - easily removes make-up and impurities from the face and eyes, without irritating or dry the skin. For the long-lasting make-up there are the Deep Clean make-up remover wipes. Do not rinse afterwards. With grape seeds oil. 
I really love all the new nail polishes, they are perfect for the summer ! At the seaside on a bronzed look they are going to look fantastic ! Tell me What would you like to try from Melkior ? Until next time, 


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