sâmbătă, 20 iunie 2015

Wanna shine like a queen? Try Douglas Greek Princess collection

You already know how I love to play with make-up and try new things. One of my favourite shops for make-up, care and perfumes is Douglas. I presented the brand and its own make-up line in a previous post. Periodically they release limited make-up collections that are a must for every make-up lover like me. Now it's time I present you this limited summer collection - Douglas Greek Princess.
The Douglas Greek Princess is all about glamour and luxury. It's all about getting noticed, stealing the spotlight, shining like pure gold. There is no modesty, it's all in your face : Look at me ! Admire me ! Adore me !
The collection's star is the Golden Sparkling Powder (13 euros/55ron) - in a vintage, elegant bottle, it deserves to be in every Queen's boudoir. It's pure stardust; you spritz it on your body and let it do the talking !
If you fancy a powder bronzer the Golden Bronzing Powder (15 euros/65ron) is perfect for you ! You can use it as a highlighter onto your face - it will make you feel like a Hollywood star with a perfect, golden bronzed complexion.
If you want to have those misterious cat eyes like the famous Cleopatra, try the Greek Pricess eyeliners in white and gold (9 euros/39ron). They are easy to apply and smudge. You can be discrete or bold with a thiner or a thicker line.
A perfect eye look is not complete without a great mascara -  Endless Lashes (15 euros/65ron) - dramatic length, excellent definition and volume - in Be black / Browny / Green flash.
The collection also contains two nail products - two Golden nail polishes (7 euros/29ron). This way your nails will also shine like diamonds !
There is also a flat eyeshadow brush (9 euros) in the collection (I don't know if there is also in Romania). Made from real hair it provides a precise application of colour onto the entire lid. Its round shape makes it easy to blend the colours together. You can see it here .
I have to admit Douglas Greek Princess is a perfect collection for the summer ! It perfectly complements a bronzed skin making it glow and steal the show ! So if you want to shine like a Queen check this collection out in the stores ! Tell me What is your favourite from this collection? Until next time ,


  1. Este fabuloasa aceasta colectie. Imi place foarte mult!

    1. Da, si mie. Arata fenomenal si este perfecta pentru vara.

    2. Unde pot face si eu online comanda la astfel de produse?

  2. Unde pot fac si eu comanda la astfel de produse online...?

    1. Buna, din pacate a fost o editie de machiaj limitata de vara; exclusiv in magazinele Douglas. Din ce stiu Douglas nu are magazin online, produsele lor pot fi gasite doar in magazine fizice. Sper ca ti-am fost de ajutor.


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