luni, 29 iunie 2015

Elmiplant Seametry restructuring anti-aging eye serum - guest review

My mother has used this eye serum for a while, so now that she's finished it it's time I'll let you know her opinion on it. It is Elmiplant Seametry restructuring anti-aging eye serum (recommended for 45 to 55 years old).
The eye serum is enriched with MATRIGENICS.14G, a marine ingredient from the reproductive cells of the Wakame algae. It reactivates the 14 genes responsible for the development and synthesis of the three structural elements of the skin : Colagen - 9 genes are reactivated up to 15%, up to 72% the skin's firmness is improved; Elastine - 5 genes are reactivated up to 18%; up to 50% the skin is more elastic; Hialuronic Acid - 2 genes are reactivated up to 31%; up to 68% the skin is more hydrated and tonified.
The skin becomes firm again, the eye's contour is reshaped and the bags under the eyes are visibly reduced. Non-greasy texture. Great make-up base. No parabens. No parafins. No colorants.
Directions for use : Apply day and night on cleansed skin. Massage gently around the eye area to help the cream's better absorption.
It comes in a 15ml plastic recipient with a pump (very easy to use, travel-friendly and hygienic) and has a valability of 6 months.
It has a slightly thicker texture mom absolutely loved and a sweet smell (it has perfume, the eye area is very sensitive and prone to allergies and irritations so be aware). It is very quickly absorbed into the skin and it keeps it hydrated for several hours.
She hasn't had any reactions to it : no irritations or watering of the eyes.
She likes to use it all the time, she has developed in the last years a dryness all over, she very much prefers the thicker, greasier textures that nourish the skin but do not leave a greasy film. She feels it is a great hydrating eye serum/cream; it hasn't reduced the bags under her eyes. She has bought the serum again after she has finished it, so yes, I'm pretty sure she liked it a lot!
You can find it in the stores at the price of aprox. 25 ron.
All in all, Elmiplant Seametry restructuring anti-aging eye serum is a great eye cream (very nourishing) at an affordable price. I give it the B grade (hasn't reduced the bags under the eyes, it also has perfume, a well known irritant, not recommended for the eye area). If you are seaching for a daily nourishing eye cream and you don't have sensitive eyes you can give it a go ! Until next time ,


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