joi, 18 iunie 2015

Gerocossen Argan Bio cleansing milk for face, eyes and lips - review

I finished this make-up remover several days ago but I didn't have the time to write the review. Today the day has come for it to shine! I received this cleansing milk at an event for testing but kept it in my stash as I had other current make-up removers to finish before I put it to work. So here it is Gerocossen Argan Bio cleansing milk for face, eyes and lips!
It is part of the Argan Bio line - with organic Argan oil. No parabens. No allergens. Dermatologically tested.
It is designed to be a make-up remover for face, eyes and lips. Recommended for all skin types. It efficiently removes make-up. Enriched with Argan oil, it protects the lipidic natural layer of the skin, leaving it clean and velvet smooth. Its silky texture makes the skin comfortable and fresh.
It comes in a 200ml plastic recipient with a secure cap (travel-friendly) and has a valability of 12 months.
Directions for use : Apply the cleansing milk onto a cosmetic pad and remove the make-up from the face, eyes and lips. Repeat until the cosmetic pad remains clean.
It has a slightly comforting, thicker texture than I am used to in make-up removers. Personally I prefer a slight runny texture in make-up removers; it is easier for me to apply onto the face. It removes the make-up efficiently and leaves the skin soft and perfumed.
I didn't have any skin reactions to it or its perfume but I don't have a particularly sensitive skin. Its smell is quite strong and sweet.
You can see the ingredients below :
It can be found in stores and online at the price of aprox. 12 ron per 200 ml. of product.

All in all, the Gerocossen Argan Bio cleansing milk for face, eyes and lips is an efficient make-up remover, especially for drier skin (the argan oil is nourishing to the skin; it has a thicker texture). The price is also very convenient, therefore I give it the -A grade (The smell was a little too strong; I didn't like the thicker texture, it made it more difficult for me to use). If you want a cheap and effective make-up remover give it a go ! Until next time ,


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