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MustaeV Skinny Tint foundation - first impressions

I've heard for the first time about MustaeV from Tavia ( She has raved and raved about them. She loves all their products, she cannot find them any flaws. I was intrigued. Really? A brand whose entire range of products is perfect. Good quality. Decent prices. Great customer service. Attention to details. Great communication with beauty bloggers. Hmm.. something is fishy .. The final straw was one of her posts.
     Let's find out something about the brand :

MustaeV is a prestigious Korean makeup artists cosmetic line established in the Seoul's Cheongdam area known as the beauty mecca of Korea. Launched in 2009, the company is based on more than 60 years of experience in developing and supplying products to international name brand cosmetic companies.
Each shade of MustaeV color cosmetics is classified by our PCI (Personal Color Image) system, and MustaeV is able to suggest personal-matching color kits tailored to the needs of each customer. This is what sets MustaeV apart from other cosmetic brands.
MustaeV prides themselves on providing high quality brushes with top quality control standards and using the finest materials. Each brush goes through a 32 stage production process and is completed in the same factory from the hairdressing stage to wrapping and sterilization, so that consistent quality assurance is possible. During this process each brush is subjected to 7 stages of inspection and 7 stages of quality assurance. The final step takes the brushes through a sterilization process that is used by medical equipment manufacturers to assure the brushes are bacteria free at the time of shipping.
You can imagine my excitement when I had the opportunity to test one of their well loved products : MustaeV Skinny Tint foundation in Bright Beige.
MustaeV Skinny Tint foundation - is designed to provide a sheer to medium buidable coverage. It has a lightweight texture and a natural looking finish. It provides a moisture protective screen that keeps the moisture and water from evaporating and the skin dewy and hydrated all day. It also provides a long lasting effect while staying very true to its colour. It comes in 4 shades : Innocent, Bright Beige, Sand Beige and Sienna Beige.
Well there are many promises for one foundation! I have high expectations!
I received 4 sachets of foundation that would last me for about 8 to 10 uses. I usually wear a pump of foundation, sometimes less since I don't have many skin problems. I have combination to oily skin, therefore I want a long lasting mattifying effect in a foundation, a lightweight texture that also provides moisture and can be buildable without looking cakey. Not much right ? Let's see how MustaeV Skinny Tint foundation performed.
It has indeed a very lightweight, moisturizing texture, you feel very comfortable onto the skin. It has a good adherence and quite a coverage from one layer. I only needed to add another layer in specific places that needed more coverage. I paired it with my favourite foundation brush my Sigma F80, and it was a perfect match!
no make-up
one layer
 It is easy to use and has indeed a mattifying effect with no powder on top. As you can see it has quite a coverage, it balanced my skin tone overall and covered the places which needed coverage. It gives the skin a matte effect but at the same time keeps the skin's natural glow, providing a natural looking finish.
I always set my foundations with a thin layer of powder to make them long lasting and keep the shine away. Here it is with Paese bamboo powder on top.
The matte effect lasted for me around 4 hours, after that I had to blot and reapply a layer of powder. I usually do my make-up in the morning and arrive home in the evening, so I like my make-up to last for around 8 to 10 hours without fading, especially the base. I liked that it felt light onto the skin, it didn't cake and it didn't dissapear around the nose area where I usually had problems.
Here is my make-up look I did using this foundation :
All in all, I really like the flawless, porcelain look I have using MustaeV Skinny Tint foundation. It is a great day to day foundation even for oilier complexions like mine. I liked the lightweight texture, the great buildable coverage and the good moisturization. It provides a decent mattifying effect and it is quite long lasting especially if you apply powder on top. What I really loved is the natural, glowing, flawless skin it gives you.
Yes, it delivers what it promises..bad news for me and my wallet. I have a feeling that my love story with MustaeV is just beginning .. I'm even more curious now about the other products from MustaeV. The story continues ...


MustaeV Skinny Tint foundation can be bought at the price of 33 dollars for 40 ml/ 1.5 fl oz on MustaeV's site (it is not available yet in Romania).  Tell me Have you tried this foundation ? What are your thoughts on it ? Until next time,


  1. Si mie imi place acest fond de ten.

    1. Nu credeam ca o sa imi placa atat de mult. Ma gandeam ca nu va face fata tenului meu gras ..chiar a rezistat cu brio unei zile luungi de peste 10 ore.. m-am simtit foarte bine cu el pe ten. Wow!

  2. arata foarte bine acest fond de ten !!!! nu l-am incercat...abia am auzit de el :) dupa nume imi parea rusesc, oricum ceva slav sa aflu ca de fapt e sud-coreean. ce tare :))

    1. Da, nici eu nu stiam foarte multe despre brand. E pacat ca nu este mai cunoscut in Romania.. daca toate produsele lor sunt la fel de bune ca acest fond de ten! Sunt deja fan! Cu siguranta voi reveni si cu alte recenzii de produse de la ei.


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