vineri, 19 iunie 2015

Thai Spa Body Butter with Raspberry & Blackberry - review

I love to use body butters in the colder seasons; my skin tightens and feels very uncomfortable. I managed to finish the last body butter (for this winter season) these days so today it's time I share my thoughts on it with you. It's the Thai Spa (ex. Fennel) Body Butter with Raspberry & Blackberry.
Thai Spa body butters ensure an intensive skin hydration offering smoothness and beauty. Thai Spa shows a large range of flavors to choose from: avocado and olives, shea, cocoa, cucumber and melon, mango, grapefruit, raspberries and blackberries and for skin exfoliation it uses the cocoa based scrub.  
As its name suggests - super moisturizing cream - it is designed for dry to very dry skin, having a rich and thick texture and a high amount of nutrients. It keeps the skin hydrated for many hours, leaving it velvety soft, protected from the external factors and with a nice berry flavour. The Blackberry extract hydrates the skin, leaving it shiny and smooth.
It comes in a 200 ml recipient and has a valability of 12 months.
Direction for use : Massage over the body after bathing or showering. Give yourself a few minutes to dry before getting dressed. It is recommended to use a scrub once a week, to eliminate the dead cells of the skin. The butter will be better absorbed by the skin.
It has a thick, rich texture and a sweet berry smell (The smell lasts for about 1 hour). The texture is quicky absorbed into the skin, leaving it nourished and soft. I felt the need to re-apply the body butter several hours later (I have normal skin). I didn't have any reactions to it like itching or reddening of the skin.
You can see the ingredients below :
It can be found in all shops at the price of aprox.15 ron.     
All in all, Thai Spa Body Butter with Raspberry & Blackberry is a good product for normal to slightly dry skin (I have normal skin and it worked for me in the winter time; my mom who has very dry skin has tried it several times and it didn't provide the moisturization she needed, she felt the need to further moisturize afterwards). I give it the B grade (it is designed for dry to very dry skin - it doesn't nourish enough). If you need a decently priced body butter for normal to slightly dry skin give it a go !  Until next time , 


  1. Great review sweetheart...thx for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the review, it was super helpful. Maybe I'll try this next, so far I've only had a Cocoa scrub from Thai Spa.

    1. I'm glad I've helped you. I also had the Shea Butter one, before launching the blog, it was even better than this one. I will definitely buy it again and review it! Come back again to the blog, I write daily. Kisses!

  3. Hello! i'm from Italy and i'm curious about where I can buy thir butter :)

    1. Well I don't know where you can find it in Italy, in Romania you can find Thai Spa products in all hypermarkets like Cora and Auchan. If you have them in Italy maybe you'll find them there.


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