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I confess ... I looove Sephora Lemon Verbena bubble bath and shower gel!

I confess I'm unfaithful! I don't have one great love , "the one" I can't be without in perfumes or in shower gels! I love to change them all the time according to the season (in the spring/summer citrusy or fresher scents, in the autumn/winter sweeter cinamonny scents) or to the daily mood. I have an entire collection from which to choose from and it's still growing all the time!  I love to enter a perfumery or a shop and to dive into the new appearances with a vengeance! I love to try them all!

Today I will talk to you about a gel shower that I loooooove to use in the summer. It is the Sephora Lemon Verbena bubble bath and shower gel.

It is a moisturizing two-in-one cleanser that embraces the skin with a delicate scent. It refreshes and de-stresses being a bubble bath and shower gel formulated with deliciously fragrant flowers, algae, and fruit extracts. The vitamin E softens and protects the skin, while the glycerin moisturizes and replenishes it for a silky smooth finish.

The formula is dermatologist-tested and safe for all skin types.
It comes into a 260ml/8.79oz recipient. I love the fact the the cap is not easy to open, which is very good for travel purposes. The design of the bottle is modern and fun, each scent having a different colour.

The texture is not too liquid and not too thick, it lathers very quickly and smells divine of lemons!It cleans very good, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and tonified. The scent lingers into the skin a decent amount of time which is very good in the hot summer days. I adore the smell of lemons so the fact the the entire bath smells lemony-like is a big plus for me!

I have a normal skin so I don't feel the need for any extra moisturization after using this shower gel but I think for a dry or very dry skin this gel is not enough; you need to use a body cream afterwards.

If you are not so fond of this scent you can try the other ones: coconut, cotton flower, lagoon (the next on my list for the summer), mango, green tea, orange blossom, monoi, chocolat, toffee, blueberry, peony, strawberry and vanilla. It can be found at all Sephora shops and it costs 35 ron/12 dollars.

It is not the cheapest of the shower gels but again since it is quite concentrated you need a small amount for the entire body - it will last you quite a while. I love that it is  a 2-in-one product; a shower gel and a bubble bath.

Now it depends on you how much you are willing to pay for a shower gel but I think it's a good quality product and if you enter a Sephora shop you could give it a go! They also have small sample sizes in all their shower gels of 7.9ml/0.26oz., so you can try those before buying the normal sizes.
All in all, I give this shower gel the B grade (due to the lack of a better moisturization) and I recommend it if you want to enjoy a bath full of scent and colour!
A dose of English :
with a vengeance (idiom) - with great force or extreme energy
to lather - to produce a lather from soap, or to cover something or someone in lather 
lather (noun) - a pale, usually white, mass of small bubbles produced especially when soap is mixed with water
to linger - to take a long time to leave or disappear
to give something a go - to attempt something  


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