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Milani baked eyeshadows - review

Today I will talk to you about a great dissapointment: the Milani baked eyeshadows.
I have heard about the quality of Milani products - especially the baked blushes (three of which I own - review soon), lipsticks, powders and their famous nail top coat (which I also bought and can't wait to try - review soon).
Milani cosmetics:
Founded twelve years ago, Milani is the destination brand for women who love color, love to experiment with new looks and shop for makeup in better drug stores and mass merchant retailers.

These women seek innovative products, in richly pigmented colors, that are formulated to work together on a range of ethnicities to complement all skin tones and ages. Milani is the multi-cultural brand that delivers specialty store quality, at value pricing, in hundreds of shades, using technologically superior formulas, in lips, nails, cheeks, bronzers, face, brows, liners and more. Inspired by  the streets of Milan – the fashion, the art, the history, the culture , Milani is distributed internationally in over thirty countries.        source :
I had bought two baked eyeshadows : 601 Pink twice and 602 I heart you. They are metallic baked eyeshadows. You can use them dry and wet for a more intense look. They come in a 1.5 gr/0.05 oz. pan.
I was very glad when I had bought them since I loved the colour of the shadows and I knew I would use them a lot in my make-up looks.

The greater my joy, the greater my dissapointment : when I started using them they transferred extremely badly from the pan to the lid. They have some bits of shimer that fall onto your cheeks and besides that the pigmentation is extremely weak!!

I tried to buid the colour and they simply couldn't stay onto the lid! They continued to fall until my cheeks were all glowy! Of course they didn't blend well since they cannot stay onto the lid; if you try to blend them, they simply dissapear.

Of course I tried using them wet, it worked a little bit better since wet they transferred better onto the lid but if you try to build the colour the texture on the lid changes into something paste-like , which feels heavy and due to the weight won't last long onto the lid.

You can see some swatches below :
I had to try several times to get this build-up of colour
I am so dissapointed with their performace , I simply love the colours!
You can find them online here:
The price of an eyeshadow is 7.99 dollars/ aprox. 27 ron

I give these baked eyeshadows the  D grade (due to the low pigmentation, the heavy fall-out, the poor transfer to the lid and the difficult blending). I would not buy them again. At this price point you can find better performance eyeshadows.
A dose of English :
baked - to harden by heat
merchant - a person who buys and sells commodities for profit; dealer; trader

retailer - the sale of goods to ultimate consumers, usually in small quantities,
opposed to wholesale
wholesale - the sale of goods in quantity, as to retailers , for resale



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