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WJCON Baked Strips - review

Recently I have gone to Italy and while I was there I couldn't waste the opportunity to search for new make-up. I encountered a WJCON shop and of course I just had to enter to see what was the shop about!
WJCON is a Made in Italy cosmetics brand excelling in high quality and convenience, with over fifteen years experience working in the cosmetics sector. In 2009 they established the Wjcon brand, a professional make up line, which has the advantage of being a Made in Italy high quality brand at an affordable price. The range contains  make-up products and accessories, skin care (for the body and face), nail care and polishes, suntan lotions and many other products.

You can find them at:
I had purchased several products from the shop but I will start with my very favourite of them all!

The WJCON Baked Strips ( no.6)

It comes in a pan of 4 baked eyeshadows containing 7 gr. of product, so I think it will last me quite a long time. It comes in several combinations of colours for all tastes. I liked these ones the best.

Yes, the shadows are a little used, I just couldn't help myself! I love them!
The shadows are very beautiful. For the price of  9,90 Euro per piece, I was extremely surprised with the quality and pigmentation of the eye shadows. They are quite pigmented, they transfer well from the pan to the lid, they blend very well. Their only problem is that they have a little fall-out, so either you tap the brush so the excess shadow will fall before using it, or you do your eye make-up first then the base.

You can see some swatches below:
in normal light

in the sunshine

I just love the way they shine. They make me feel good and alive. This quad is not for a daily look but you can use it for a night-time look or for a little touch of colour when needed. The colours can be combined in a multitude of ways and they are very suitable for an autumn look.

All in all, I give it the B grade (due to the fall-out) and I recommend checking them out or even buying them if you travel to Italy.
A dose of English :
convenience - a quality or situation that makes something easy or useful for someone by reducing the amount of work or time required to do something
to purchase - to buy
pan - a usually broad, shallow, and open container for domestic use (as for cooking), here the metal container in which the eye shadow is put
lid - a cover on a box, can, jar, etc., that can be lifted or removed
eye lid - either one of the two movable pieces of skin that cover your eye when it is closed
fall-out - eyeshadow falling from the lid to the cheek
to tap - to strike lightly especially with a slight sound 



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