marți, 28 octombrie 2014

Mirlans face palette no.4 - review

Today I want to present you a lovely natural travel friendly face palette : Mirlans face palette no. 4.
Mirlans was founded in 1980 by Alfredo Clariana Martinez who wanted to offer the Spanish women products based on the latest trends in Europe. Mirlans is a family bussiness located in Carlet, 30 km from Valencia. It now has over 3000 m2 of shops where over 60% of their products are sold. The woman Mirlans create through their products is a little bit urban, sexy and glamourous.        source:
I bought it around three months ago when I was looking for a good quality, affordable and travel friendly face palette. I wanted something quite small and compact that I could take with me in my little bag with room to spare.
of course I just had to use it..
There were several colour combinations to choose from (no.1 - black and white, no.2 - blues, no.3 - greens, no.4 - browns) but I wanted something warm and neutral, from which to create several natural to night looks so I chose no.4.

The palette contains three eye shadows and one blush ; and two aplicators - one for the eyes and the other for the blush. Personally I prefer to use my brushes but if you need touch-ups on the go you can use the aplicators the palette provides.

The colours are decently pigmented, they transfer well from the pan to the lid, you can build them for a more intense look, they blend well. If you use a good primer or a base underneath, they last quite a long time on the lids. (10-12 hours, they say. I would say around 6-8 hours on my oily lids)
You can see some swatches below :
A lovely combination of shades that can suit all skin types and all eye colours!
You can buy them from here :
The price is decent - 59 ron

All in all, if you need a travel size face palette - Mirlans face palette no.4 is worth checking out! I give it the B grade (due to the high price for a 4 pan shadow palette). Tell me Would you buy a small size face palette just for travelling ?
A dose of English :
trend - something that is currently popular or fashionable
to afford - to be able to pay for (something)
with room to spare - with enough space left
touch-up - to improve or perfect by small additional strokes or alterations :  fix the minor and usually visible defects or damages of  
on the go - very busy 


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