miercuri, 22 octombrie 2014

Full make-up with only 100 ron

I have seen this post done by a number of bloggers I read and love and found it interesting and also challenging. So I'll try and do my very own list of products for a full make-up look with only 100 ron (of course with this sum of money you can't have a lot of products to work with, but that's the interesting part - to create a make-up look with only a few key products).
As I know a good base is worth a thousand products I would choose a good one: if you don't need a lot of coverage I would recommend you a BB cream (at the moment I am using Nivea BB cream 5 in 1 - price aprox 25 ron/ 6 pounds).

If you need a better coverage I would suggest a good foundation (Rimmel London Stay Matte foundation  - price aprox 20-30 ron / 6 pounds -  since it's matifying you don't need to use powder over it, it has a better coverage and it is also long lasting).

Of course you can build the foundation onto specific places that need more coverage: the under eye area or over spots or red patches instead of a concealer.

You need a lipstick and a blush to warm up your face and give it a fresher appearance: you can use the lipstick on both your cheeks and lips - Rimmel London Moisture Renew lipstick - price aprox 30 ron/ 7 pounds. (it's both moisturising and gives you a pop of colour onto the cheeks and lips)

A good mascara always makes your eyes appear bigger, more attractive and wide-awake (even if you're tired). You could try Maybelline The Collosal Go Extreme volume mascara - price aprox 35 ron/ 7 pounds.

In order to add a little definition or colour to your eyes you can also use Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Khol Kajal Eye Liner (it has a variety of colours and it's waterproof and long-lasting) - price aprox 16 ron/ 4 pounds.

And I think that's it! I think I went a little overbudget but hey! if you look good it's worth the money!
Tell me what products would you use with this budget (100 ron) and why? 
A dose of English :
patch - a small piece, part, or section, especially that which differs from or contrasts with the whole
a pop of colour -  a little colour
eye definition - to define the eye in order to make it more visible


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