duminică, 12 octombrie 2014

Youth make-up these days

I am an English teacher in Bucharest, the capital of Romania and I teach high school students (grades 9 to 12). I also taught gymnasium students (grades 5 to 8).

Unfortunately I have seen girls wearing make-up starting with grade 5. Too young to wear make-up at school or any other place. With no knowledge on how to take care of their skin and face. With no knowledge on how to protect their skin from the damaging sun. I often see make-up badly applied and of course missunderstood. The purpose of make-up is to make you more beautiful, younger and fresher. The best and most beautiful you can be. Not an entirely different person wearing a mask.
I have seen girls with heavy layers of badly applied foundation (which had very good skin with no imperfections) , or with acne scarred skin covered with thick layered foundation which did them no justice in concealing it all, but actually making it more obvious. Instead of going to the specialist to solve the causes of acne, they try to cover it with make-up. I have seen girls wearing black eyeliner in thick lines, which again did them no justice, only making them appear aged and old-fashioned.
I have seen girls wearing at school very strong lipstick colours without any blush at all, making them appear washed-out. Of course that they forgot they were at school and thought they were at the disco.
This is very unfortunate. Firstly, the young ladies have to learn how to take care of their skin, to have a face care routine, to know how to choose products according to the needs of their skin and then maybe they will discover that they are very beautiful without so much make-up.

They are at a very delicate age in which they can have issues with their self-esteem regarding both their looks and their personality. And media doesn't help at all, everywhere you look you see very beautiful photoshopped girls which are "perfect". And the girls feel the presssure to be as thin and as beautiful as the person they admire and see on tv or in the glossy magazines.
This is not real! This is a fake! You don't need to compare yourself with anybody! You are unique and different and that is ok! You are beautiful inside and out! You just have to see it!

Personally I would recommend no make-up at all at school or any other place. But if you want to wear make-up you should first start with a good base : a face cream / eye cream, then the sun protection cream. Afterwards you can add a very light layer of foundation/BB cream or CC cream all over, or sparingly only where you have something to cover, then set it with a thin layer of powder. Then you can use a cream blush in a natural colour , a black mascara for your lashes and a pretty gloss for the lips. You can also use a coloured lip balm.
And this is it! You are young and beautiful, you are fresh and you have a very good skin. Why age it with tons of make-up? Just to show that you know how to apply make-up? Just to appear more grown-up in front of your colleagues? Just to impress your boyfriend or the boy you have a crush on? That is rubbish! You have to love and respect yourself , then the others will do it too!

You can see an example of a good school make-up at the following link:
What about you? Do you think a young girl has to wear make-up at school or anywhere else?
What is the right age for a girl to start wearing make-up?
A dose of English:
scar - a mark left on the skin after a surface injury or wound has healed
to do somebody/something justice - to treat or present someone or something fairly and accurately
to conceal - to hide
washed-out - lacking color or intensity; faded
                 - exhausted or tired-looking
aged -  being of advanced age; old
self-esteem - pride in oneself; self-respect
sparingly - deficient or limited in quantity, fullness, or extent
grown-up - having reached maturity; adult
rubbish - worthless, useless, or unwanted matter, garbage
           -  foolish words or speech; nonsense 


  1. Excellent article, Monica, you are so rigth. I hope all young ladies will read this and they will apply your recommendations.

  2. I hope so. I wrote the article especially for them.


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